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    sketching the graph of function

    I used complete the square to solve this and my vertex was (-6/5, 39/75). I need a check on this.. Also, for the x intercept, i have to set the function equal to zero to get my x's, but i'm having trouble solving it.
  2. C

    Sketching the graph of a function.

    the task is to sketch the graph of a following function: y=x^3 + x^4/4 when i am trying to find points where function cuts x-axis i simply solve x^3 + x^4/4 =0 which means there are two points (0,0) and (-4,0) anyway, when i am trying to find local extrema of a function i have to solve 3x^2...
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    need help with sketching derivative

    If a question asks me to draw the derivative of a function and lets say the derivative is a parabola, how do I figure out if the parabola dips below the x-axis or stays above the x-axis and by how much on the y-axis? Lets say I know from looking at the graph of the function that the function is...
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    Maxima/Minima, derivatives, and sketching graph help.

    I'm in a bit of a bind. First off, I'll start off with typing the question out: "Given critical points (3, -4) and (6, 0); interval of increase: (3, infinity); interval of decrease: (-infinity, 3). Find the local maxima/minima and sketch the graph." Looking at this information tells me that...
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    Curve sketching using derivatives 1st and 2

    Y=x^5-15x^3 I believe my answer are correct I just don't know how to use the information I find to sketch it
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    Triple Integral Region Sketching

    I am instructed to graph the "shadow region" formed by the triple integral so that I may convert to polar, then evaluate. Sorry cannot find symbol to insert. Integral (0 to 2) Integral (-sqrt(4-y2) to sqrt(4-y2​)) Integral (0 to 2x+y) dzdxdy Following our example steps I tried to graph z=2x+y...
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    Sketching a graph

    I have to sketch a graph of U( r)= U ((a/r)^12 -2(a/r)^6) It's the formula for the interatomic interaction between two atoms a distance r apart, where U and a are constants. I understand that it'll never cross the y-axis, but how do I deal with the unknown constants? Thanks.
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    Help with Sketching Region in Complex Plane

    Hey guys, I am unsure about the steps needed to sketch the following region in a complex plane. It's the only question regarding the sketching of complex planes which I am unsure of the methodology use to approach. |z -3| = |z + 2i| I have done questions like |z - 2i| = 2 etc, never done a...
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    Calculus Graph Sketching strategy.

    Hello all, I'm new here and I taking a course in calculus what is totally new to me, I having been work trough differentiation and now we got to do some graph sketching following 6 steps described in the book I have started this one but I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly so all explanation...
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    Using the graph sketching strategy

    Hi all I wasn't sure which forum to post this in but it does contain calculus so I hope it's in the right place. I have to use the graph sketching strategy to sketch the graph of the function (6x-5)/(4-9x^2) I know this is a long process and I've been doing similar ones with no problems but...
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    Graph Sketching ARRGHH!!

    { y }^{ 2 }\quad =\quad \frac { (x+1)(x-3) }{ (x+4) } okay so, I know its symmetric about the x axis because of y^2 y = 0 at x = 3 and x = -1 graph doesn't exist when y^2 < 0 so i did complete the square on the numerator and got (x - 1)^2 < 4 so x -1 < ±2 so for x < 3 and x < -1 the...
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    Sketching x(t) and y(t) graphs for solution

    Hi, given the ellipse in the xy plane I have to sketch the x(t) & y(t) graphs for the solution. I have included a photo of the problem from the textbook (its problem # 24, the ellipse) as well as my attempt at a solution.
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    some problems with sketching the graph for the following function.

    Hello guys, this is the following function that I have to sketch. I have tried to solve it and I will show you my attempt at the question too. and here comes my attempt Could someone tell me what I should do next or perhaps show me how it should be solved graphically? Thank you
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    Sketching the equivalence classes of R N x N

    Relation R on ℕ x ℕ ((a,b),(c,d)) R <=> a+b = c+d Ok I had to prove that R is an equivalence relation (Reflexivity, symmetry, transtitivity). I already did that. Second part is to sketch all equivalence classes of R. I dont understand or the way to sketch it. Do I have to draw a matrix? Or a...
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    problem with sketching a graph of composite function

    graph the function of f(f(x)) f(x) = 1) -x-2 when -4<= x <= -1 2) -1 when -1< x <= 1 3) x-2 when 1< x <= 2 How can I start by solving such problem ??? I tried to draw f(x) at first but I don't know what can I do after that thanks in advance
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    sketching curve graph

    hello really hoping someone can help me, im in somewhat of a fix. the problem is: x3+2x2-x-2 i have to: find where f(x) is increasing/decreasing where it is concave up/concave down local max/min and then finally sketch the curve of the graph my first step is to...
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    Sketching and Finding an Area between curves

    f(x) = 1/2 e^x and g(x) = sech(x). I have already worked out that there are no x intercepts for either graph and that f(x) intercepts the y axis at 1/2 and g(x) intercepts it at 1. when i tried to find the intercept between the two curves I got the x value = (log 3) / 2, making the y value = 0...
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    Sketching graphs

    Just wondering if I could get a hand with sketching a graph where you aren't given the function. These are the details that are given -: f(0)=-1 f'(0)=0. f'(2)=0 f'(x) <0 for x <2. f'(x) >0 for 0<x<2. f'(x) <0 for x>2. Any help with finding critical points would be appreciated...
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    curve sketching!! help!

    g(x)= (2x-3.6)/(2x-12.96)^2 please help me find the following: where is the function increasing and where is it decreasing? where is it concave upwards and when is it concave downwards? what is the relative minimum or the relative maximum? what is the inflection point ? the line x= -------...
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    Help with sketching function

    I actually have no clue to where I start can someone help me with this thinking question?