1. L

    Solutions of simultaneous equations

    I need help with this. Thanks!!
  2. M

    simultaneous equations (graphical)

    Hi, another problem here I have two equations to solve by graphical method. does this look ok so far? i have found a website that explains the method, i then used it to figure this part out 5x - 3y = 6 (1) 4x + 5y = 64 (2) (1) 5x = 3y + 6 5x - 6 = 3y 3y = 5x - 6 y= 5x/3 -6/3 y= 5/3x...
  3. L

    Simultaneous equation by substitution

    Hi, I'm a GCSE Maths teacher in Leeds, West Yorkshire in England and am struggling to solve the following simultaneous equation by substitution to 2 dp: x2 + y2 = 9 and x + y = 2. Can anyone help? Thanks Laurence
  4. F

    Simultaneous equation to solve

    2x=y, x+20y^0.5=256.558 Im not sure if this is classified under Calculus- Higher education. I cant seem to find constant values of x and y. Advise is much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. A

    Workings needed for simultaneous equations with known solution

    Hello, I am currently writing a research paper on magnetic acceleration and a simultaneous equation has appeared which it seems like I can not manage to solve. I know where I need to get to and I know where to start, however I can't seem to find any method which takes me where I want to get...
  6. M

    Help solving simultaneous Equations

    y=4 + 2x y=4x + 1
  7. G

    simultaneous equations

    hello all, I'm having difficulty solving the following problem. The velocity of a car, accelerating at uniform acceleration 'a' between two points is given by 'v=u+at', where 'v' is the velocity ms and 't' is the time in seconds. If 'v' is 21ms at time 't' is 3.5s and 'v' is 33ms at t=6.1s...
  8. topsquark

    Simultaneous Trig Equations

    I am reposting for tjghost616.
  9. M

    simultaneous equations

    Find the point of intersection between these two lines... kx + y = 10 x + ky = 10k
  10. B

    Simultaneous equation

    Hi I have these two simultaneous equations to solve for p and q where A is a constant -p{\omega}^{2}+2\,q\omega+p=0 -q{\omega}^{2}-2\,p\omega+q=A By eliminating q I get p=-2\,{\frac {\omega\,A}{1+2\,{\omega}^{2}+{\omega}^{4}}} - \frac{A}{2\omega} checking my working with Maple I get this...
  11. J

    Trying to describe simultaneous equations

    Hi , I need help trying to explain what is going on with solving a set of simultaneous equations. I know how to solve them, I just do not know how to talk about them in a more technical sense. For example: 2x + 4y = -26 6x + 8y = -36 What I do is multiply the equation(s) (if needed), to get...
  12. S

    Simultaneous Equation Help

    Hello, What is the value of x that satisfies the following simultaneous equation: x - y = - 2 5x + 8y = - 23 I have never been excellent at maths. So this might be the simplest simultaneous equation for you but for me I have no clue. I did do some prior research (again might sound like a...
  13. Vinod

    Simultaneous linear equation

    Hi, 2 men and 7 children complete a certain piece of work in 4 days and 3 men and 5 children complete the same in only 3 days. Find the number of days required to complete the same work by 1 man or 1 child. When I solved these equations I got x=0.0909090 and y=0.54545454. but how to do...
  14. J

    JD Introduction : Urgent help needed with simultaneous equation

    Hi all, I am JD and i have a problem that someone can hopefully help me with. I am trying to work out a Simultaneous equation step by step. I have the equations and the results but have no clue about the middle bit, how to get to the results. I would really appreciate some help. This is...
  15. P

    (SIMULTANEOUS) How to solve 4x+12=x^2+8y^2=2y+5x+6

    Solve it without a GC. Answers given: x=6, y=0 or x=10/3, y=4/3 I got the 2nd set of answers but i can't seem to get x=6 and y=0 Please help me thank you! If possible please include explanation. Once again, thank you (Nod)
  16. F

    Simultaneous Equation with 4 Variables

    The system of equations x + y + z + w = 4, x + 3y + 3z = 2, x + y + 2z - w = 6 has infinitely many solutions. Describe this family of solutions (in terms of the parameter t) and give the unique solutions when w = 6. I got as far as w = (t - 2)/2, but can't seem to go any further. Thanks in...
  17. F

    Simultaneous Literal Equation

    3(x - a) - 2(y + a) = 5 - 4a 2(x + a) + 3(y - a) = 4a - 1 I know how to solve simultaneous literal equations, but I can't quite figure out how to start this one off. I've tried a couple of methods, both of which are too embarrassing and incorrect to be worth mentioning here. If you could point...
  18. N


    Dear friend, i need your help to confirm my ans which is difference with the book ans. Tq for your kind help & time
  19. K

    commuting matrices and simultaneous diagonalization

    Hi, I'm training for exam and come across a question from one of the exams: One way to prove this is to find a matrix U such that: U^{-1}[T]U = diag(\gamma_i) \mbox{ and } U^{-1}[S]U = diag(\lambda_i) After some manipulation I can show that TS and ST are also normal, not sure if this is...
  20. S

    Simultaneous equation

    Hi, The answer to the simultaneous equation in the attachment is got by making x = (3y + 1) / 2; however, shouldn't the equation work out by making Y = (2x - 1) / 3? Thanks and I'd appreciate your help. Seaniboy.