1. A

    Simplify the Following

    (8/7)^[ ln(M) / ln(8/7) ]
  2. A


    [ (5^(n+1)) / (n+1)! ] * [ n! / (5^n) ]
  3. M

    Logs Simplify

    What does this simplify down to.. Im supposed to plot it against the log of time, not sure why this double natural log comes into play log(-log(S(t)))
  4. T

    Simplifying this

    Could someone explain and help me simplify this: (x^2y+xy^2)/(x+y)
  5. nycmath

    Simplify Factorial Fraction

    Simplify (2n)! divided by (2n+1)! The answer is 1/(2n+2)(2n+1). Can someone break it down for me step by step? How is this done?
  6. N

    How to simplify this?

    Hi there, havn't done math in a while and I switched back to an advanced course so im a little behind. The question asks me to simplify I get this: = = It just doesn't feel right though, can you show me where I went wrong?
  7. M

    laws of propositional logic to simplify

    simplify the following using laws of propositional logic: ~[p --> ~(p ^ q)]
  8. A

    Can I simplify this expression?

    let t = theta The expression is: sin[(180-t)/2] / sin(t)
  9. J


    M = 2 - square_root(u - 3) u = (v - 2)^2 + 3 Prove that M = v.
  10. N

    simplify equation as far as possible so I'm thinking i should use (a+b)(a-b)=a^2-b^2 rule, but i don't really know what to do with the 3 in the beginning. or maybe just take the entire thing squared
  11. G

    Simplify and solve

    Helping my middle schooler and got hung up with this one. Simplify and solve: (630*137+2) / (316+315*136) I don't see it. Extract 2 from the numerator? Then what? Any guidance is appreciated.
  12. R

    How do I simplify this?

    We are given this and asked to simplify, in the other questions the numbers have a common large denomenator that has a clean square root but in this one they do not. I have no examples to work with and I have a quiz tomorrow so I could really use an answer
  13. A

    Please help to simplify the algebraic expression

    Hi Please help to simplyfy algebraic expression . 6 2 --------------------- + -------------- (x+5) (2x-3) x(2x-3) Please help me to simplyfy this equation with simple steps With...
  14. S


    How to prove $$\frac{-2sinA}{1-cosA}cos(A/2)tan^{-1}cos(A/2)=\frac{\pi^2-4A^2}{8}$$
  15. E

    Simplify expression for faster calculation

    Is there any way to simplify the expression below? I want to calculate it many times in real time so speedier is better. What I really want is m, but it cannot be solved for, so I use a numerical method. The simplification I can think of is to calculate recurring parts of the expression only...
  16. H

    (Factorials) How should I simplify this?

    n![(1/n-1)! - (1/n!)] The correct answer is apparently n-1, but I keep getting a different answer. This is what I did: n![(n!-(n-1)!)/(n-1)!(n!)] =n/(n-1)! Could somebody please show me what I've done wrong or what I need to do differently? :) any help really appreciated! :)
  17. nycmath

    Simplify the Trinomial

    How can I simplfy the trinomial 3x^3 + 5y^3 + 14? Is this the sum of cubes? If so, how is it done? Further instructions say to write CANNOT BE SIMPLIFIED if that is the case. I say this cannot be simplified more than it is. Am I correct?
  18. F

    How to simplify?

    Prove x^(1/3)+(2x-3)^(1/3)=(12(x-1))^(1/3) I am totally stuck. How would I edit the left hand side to look like the right hand side? Is it to do with (A+B)^3 or (A^3+B^3)? I can't seem to see the pattern! Edit: WAIT! Never mind! I understand now! :D
  19. T

    How to simplify an equation?

    Hello, I have the following problem. There are known dependencies between variables. a = a1 + a2. C = C1 + C2. C = \frac{a}{{{{\left( {1 + d} \right)}^t}}},C1 = \frac{{a1}}{{{{\left( {1 + d1} \right)}^t}}},C2 = \frac{{a2}}{{{{\left( {1 + d2} \right)}^t}}}. The desired quantity is d. In...
  20. K

    Simplify & Solve

    #1 x= 2 is one solution. Find the others #2 Simplify #3 Simplify Please show steps so that I may learn how to solve such problems! Thanks in advance.