1. S

    Simplify ......

    Simplify [(-16x^2+29x+6)-(16t^2+29t+6)]/x-t I noticed I can factor into (-x+2)(16x+3) etc.. But, they are asking me to simplify. As far as I know, all this means is that I can simplify the top and get, [-16x^2+29x+16t^2-29t]/x-t. Do you think this is what they want? Or am I missing...
  2. P


    please simplify (1.2x^3+4.5x^2-3.8x)+(-3.4x^3-4.7x^2+23)
  3. B

    Simplify Complex Fraction

    I am taking an online algebra class and haven't done algebra for years. I'm just wanting to see if anyone can help me out with a few that I'm having promblems with. 1 over x+6+12 over x^-36=1 Any help would be great.
  4. H

    Simplify -4/3(-3/8)

    -4/3 (-3/8) need it to be broken down!
  5. C

    simplify and elminate y

    having trouble with a word problem, what i end up with is C = K(x+2y)+2kx and xy= 3750, so I know y = 3750/x to eliminate y, would the next step be to simplify C=k(x+3750/x) + 2kx?
  6. J

    Simplify trig expression

    I am a little confused on how to simplify th following expression. 3cot^2(x)+[2+tan(x)]
  7. I

    Simplify an expression with exponents.

    Hello, Can a math genious please answer this question? the answer should be 2y^-1, and please show me the working... Thanks here is the question: 16y^10 * 4y^-4 (divided by) 32y^7
  8. A


    hi, i need to know how to simplify this: x^8/x^2 im not sure how to do this as before i did it and wrote (x^8/x^2) as my answer and my teacher just wrote "ANSWERS?" so where am i going wrong??? would be very grateful for some help please!! thanks!!
  9. TriForce

    Simplify fractions

    This problem is driving me nuts... it should be rather easy but... \dfrac{\dfrac{1}{a}-\dfrac{1}{a+b}}{\dfrac{1}{b}-\dfrac{1}{a+b}} = \dfrac{\dfrac{\dfrac{b}{a}}{a+b}}{\dfrac{\dfrac{a}{b}}{a+b}}} = \dfrac{\dfrac{b}{a}}{a+b}*\dfrac{a+b}{\dfrac{a}{b}}=...
  10. D

    Simplify expression

    ({3e}^{2x} - {e}^{-x})({e}^{x} + {3e}^{-2x}) Need help with the above equation ... Remove brackets and simplify expontential expression !!! I got a result of .... after simplifying .... 8e ... i hope its correct ..
  11. C

    simplify the ratio of factorials

    (n+1)! / (n-2)! thx 4 all the ppls that come in and read my post ^^
  12. A

    simplify this equation

    hi guys, is there anyway to simplify this equation in such a way that r will only occur on the left hand side of the equation: r = \frac{1}{sin\theta \sqrt{2\pi}} e^{-\frac{(rcos\theta)^2}{2}} I've only gone as far as taking the natural logarithm of both sides: ln r =...
  13. A


    hi, i need to simplify this: m^3 X m^5=? for some reason i just can't think what to do! would it = (m)^8??
  14. K

    How do I simplify this?

    Hi folks! I am not sure of what to do next here: Numerator: % MathType!MTEF!2!1!+- % faaagaart1ev2aaaKnaaaaWenf2ys9wBH5garuavP1wzZbqedmvETj % 2BSbqefm0B1jxALjharqqtubsr4rNCHbGeaGqiVu0Je9sqqrpepC0x % bbL8FesqqrFfpeea0xe9Lq-Jc9vqaqpepm0xbba9pwe9Q8fs0-yqaq %...
  15. J

    How to simplify this (line) integral?

    The curve is C parametrized by \vec{r}(t) = (t^4cos^2(2\pi e^t),t^4sin^2(2\pi e^t)) , where 0 \leq t \leq \pi /4. We also have \vec{F} (x,y) = (y,x) Calculate the line integral: \int_C \vec{F}* d\vec{r} I find that I have to solve the integral: \int_0^{\pi/4} {(8t^7cos(t)sin(t) +...
  16. H

    Does the fraction simplify?

    Hi all, I've been doing well all year, but now I've hit a wall. All the exercises prior to this question have had just one term of n, but now this has shown it's ugly self, and I am absolutely confused. The question regards sequences; For the sequence below, decide whether it...
  17. masters

    Simplify trig expression

    Hey guys, I'm trying to simplify this trig expression: \sin 2x - \cos 3x I'll spare you all my attempts, but I ended up here: \cos x(2 \sin x - 1 + 4 \sin^2 x) which looks worse than what I started with.
  18. J

    How do I simplify this expression?

    I would like to simplify: \sqrt{e^{-2t} + e^{2t} + 2}, as I have to take the integral of this
  19. B

    Simplify (2(384/y)-12) + (2y-8)

    I am working on a question and for the life of me I am not getting this. I want to simplify so I can do the first derivative Can someone solve this for me. I am having a total blank on this one. d = (2(384/y)-12) + (2y-8) so I get ((768/y)-12) + (2y-8) So it's (768-12/ y) +...
  20. R

    rational exp - simplify

    \frac{2}{6x^2} + \frac{4}{9x^3} I need a common denominator?