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    How does this fraction simplify into that?

    -----> Huh? (Drunk) The first equation is the original, the second one is the answer. A hero is needed to assist me in this strange paradise of problem!
  2. H

    Log Simplification

    ok I hate logs so how would I simplify: z= 3- 3 log(x+y) thank you :D
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    Simplify the expression

    hello, need help simplifying this expression. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you. (6x+1)^3(27x^2+2) - (9x^3+2x)(3)(6x+1)^2(6) (6x+1)^6
  4. R

    How to simplify

    Anyone kind enough to help me understand how to simplify this in terms of A? And in another form if we consider A =1
  5. G

    Simplify a (complex) Radical equation help!!

    Hi all, i am stuck on how to even begin with this simplification so i know that i need to start within the brackets but that is about it. Any help in how to even begin would be wonderful. Thanks.
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    Addition/subtraction formulas for sine or cosine to simplify the following

    cos(3pi/10)cos(pi/5)-sin(3pi/10)sin(pi/5) factor cos and sin and get common denominators and combine: cos(5pi/10)-sin(5pi/10) cosine(90 degrees)-sin(90 degrees) 0-1 answer is -1? Am I correct? Wait I see the formula for this is : cos(a+b) so then I do cos(3pi/10+pi/5) cos(5pi/10) and...
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    How to simplify this expression - with exponents? Please help!

    $\left[\left(\frac{B\cdot 3^{\frac{1}{\left(x-1\right)}}}{1+3^{\frac{1}{\left(x-1\right)}}}\right)^x+3\left(\frac{B}{1+3^{\frac{1}{\left(x-1\right)}}}\right)^x\right]^{\frac{1}{x}}$ This is as far as I can get...
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    I am trying to find out how this equation was simplified. F_2^2 + F_2(27.7 - F) - 10.98F + 0.432F^2 + 161.8 = 0 In the text book, it was simplified to: F_2 = (\frac{F}{2}) - 13.85 \pm \sqrt{(30 - 2.87F - 0.182F^2)} Thank you for any help.
  9. Q

    Simplify the following expression

    3 16 +14 3 2
  10. N

    Simplify the ratio

    1/(1*2*3) + 1/(2*3*4) + 1/(3*4*5) + ...... + 1/(100*101*102) thank you
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    Simplify the expression [g(x)-g(9)]/x-9

    Assume that g(x)=(x-2)/(x+2). Simplify the expression [g(x)-g(9)]/x-9.
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    Evaluate and simplify f(2a/b+3)

    Assume that f(x)=x+10/x^2+9 for every real number x. Evaluate and simplify f(2a/b+3).
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    Evaluate and simplify f(b/3)

    assume that f(x)= x+7/x^2+4 for every real number x. evaluate and simplify f(b/3).
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    Simplify the Expression (Example Included)

    I saved JPEGs of the problem and example, so I don't confuse anyone by writing out the problem with parentheses, carrots, etc. You can view larger resolutions of the problems if you click on them. Here is the problem itself: Here is the example for the problem: I came up with the...
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    Find and simplify

    The question gives me f(a+h)-(f)a/h f(x) = (x)^1^/2 I can't figure out how to solve this.
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    Simplify by adding

  17. A

    Simplify Expressions, etc.

    1) Rewrite the given expression in the form of t^B where B is simplified as much as possible: [t^3-n t^7n]/[(t^2)^n] 2) Simplify completely as a fraction in factored form: 15c-3c^2/c^2-c-20 3)What values of x make the expression sqr(x+3)/x-2 undefined? Express your final answer using interval...
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    Simplify ln(ln5)

    Simplify ln(ln5). Is there a rule for ln(ln of a number)?
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    simplify by adding

    wasn't sure if I could add exponents that are different.
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    How do simplify this series?

    I do believe the following series is convergent, can it be simplified? ab+1/(b+1)!1!+ab+2/(b+2)!2!+⋯+an/n!(n−b)! a>0,b>0,b is integer, n→∞