1. Z

    Simple Trigonometric Identities Exercise - Got Stuck

    I was just browsing a textbook and try to solve this exercise quoted as follows: I started by thinking in it's full form that is, \frac{\sin \theta }{\cos \theta}=\tan \theta Secondly, I noticed this lacking\cos \theta is to be found using this identity \cos\theta =\sqrt{1-\sin ^{2}\theta...
  2. P

    Simple derivative question; not good with rules though, help please!

    Hey guys, have this equation: which is : f(x)=(cot(pi/2*3x-2x^2+ sqrt(x3+pi2) + 1)2 Need to find f'(0) Could someone please walk me through this start to end? Thanks!!
  3. N

    Find a 6 digits number - simple divisibility problem

    abc and def are natural numbers. Find all numbers abcdef with abc*def multiple of abcdef.
  4. M

    Quite simple area/volume help needed

    Hi guys, I am hoping to resit my GCSE maths exam (im from the UK) i am doing some mock questions but i am really struggling with 2 questions from the following 1. What is the combined area of the car park, office block A and office block B in (m2)? A. 3999.21 m2 B. 298.88...
  5. J

    likely simple probability questions

    Hi All, New to probability and not great at it. I have two questions, and I'm looking for an explanation of how they can be solved numerically/using factorials. Both involve coins. First - if you flip a fair coin 8 times, what is the probability of getting 3 tails in a row? Second - if you...
  6. A

    Simple integration question

    Why did the 2 disappear?
  7. A

    simple interest rate and simple discount rate

    Hello everyone, I have two questions about finance, Please help me to check where are my problems? A 180-day promissory note for $2000 bears 7% simple interest. After 60 days it is sold to a bank that changers a simple discount rate of 7% a) Calculate the price paid by the bank for the note...
  8. L

    simple linear regression with zero variables

    Simulate a simple random sample y1,y2,…,y8 of size 8 from an NID(50,102) distribution. Compute the least squares fit to the model y∼β1+ε. Repeat at least 500 times. Compare the simulated values of β̂ 1 to the underlying NID(50,102) distribution in terms of (1) location, (2) spread, and (3) shape.
  9. J

    simple shape program

    hey guys! I really hope one of you can help me. I'm using onenote as my primary notetaking program, but I'm having a hard time adding triangles with added values like angles, length and so on. so, does any of you know a simple program with triangle templates where I can add values and name the...
  10. A

    Simple Evaluation/Simplification

    How did they evaluate [x^2] from x=1/2 to 3? I keep getting square roots.
  11. W

    simple Q, solve for a

    I know I should know how to do this but it's been a while and I'm drawing a blank. Solve for a: a(35-a)=300 I keep doing this, and getting stuck: 35a-a^2=300
  12. M

    Discounting Simple problem.

    Hi, I've improved a lot from yesterday on my world problems. But I found one that I can't spin my head around. After being discounted 20 percent a weather radio sells for 63.96. find the original price. Well I did 63.96 x 0.20 and it equals to around 75. but the original price is 79.95 So...
  13. B

    Simple question (I think)

    I have been stumped on a problem. It is probably simple to you all, but not to me. Here is the problem: [($169,841/$50,000)1/18 − 1] The answer is 7.03. My question is how do I calculate the 1/18? I don't think I've had fractional exponents before and that is why I am stumped. Any help...
  14. N

    Solve simple quadratic equation

    Hai.. Hope someone can confirm an answer for the attached.
  15. H

    Simple sigma algebra example

    Hello, I am learning about sigma-algebras as used in probability. First, some preliminaries: A probability space: \{\Omega, \Sigma, \Pr\} where \Omega is the sample space, \Sigma is the event space and \Pr is the probability measure. \mathcal P \left({S}\right) is the power set. I know that...
  16. T

    Some simple set theory help?

    So I'm trying to learn some basic set theory, and the book I'm reading gives pretty poor instructions on how to work through example problems. Here's part of one: "Defining the difference of sets A, B (in symbols, 'A ~ B') as follows: A ~ B = A ∪ B' Which of the following hold for all sets...
  17. L

    Geometry Problem SIMPLE

    What is the red angle in terms of letters (e.g. DOB) or how do I explain the angle location (reflex of DOB?). I'm a bit embarrassed that I don't know this. Any help would be much appreciated.
  18. sepinaz

    seems that mathtype doesn't parse a simple amsmath code

    I want to create something like this in MS Word by MathType 6.9 --------->first photo The code that I'm using is: \documentclass[a4paper]{book} \usepackage{geometry} \usepackage{amsmath} \begin{document} \begin{align} T_4 &= \langle...
  19. A

    Simple trig question giving me trouble

    I was tutoring somebody in high school this morning and we were going over the use of graphing calculators (he gets to use them for tests and finals), and the chapter about graphing functions in his pre-cal textbook came up that gave me some trouble. I tried working at it for a bit, but couldn't...
  20. GLaw

    Simple puzzle

    Here’s a simple puzzle I just made up. (Well, I hope it’s simple enough anyway.) (Cool) Four people A, B, C, D are playing a game. A writes down a random integer $>100$. B converts that number into hexadecimal. C rearranges the digits of B’s hexadecimal number to form another hexadecimal...