1. R

    Simple derivative to find rate of change

    I'm having a problem with a practice problem. So if you want to find the rate of change of x (on a right triangle) and only know that Y is a constant 20ft, the radians of the angle between x and the hyp is .15 radians and also that the radian measure is going up by .1 every minute (0.1rad/min)...
  2. C

    I know this is probably simple but...

    So I have this practice sheet and they give you the answers in the back of the book but I am not getting the how part of this and I'm afraid I'll have a test and be stuck. If anybody can explain what I am supposed to do to get these answers that would be great (Thinking) oh and sorry about the...
  3. J

    Physical Pendulum

    A pendulum consists of a tiny bob of mass M and a uniform cord of mass m and length L. (a) Determine a formula for the period. (b) What would be the fractional error if one used the formula for a simple pendulum?
  4. M

    Simple area question

    Im stuck on this question What is the total area of the car park, office block A and office block B in square meters (m2)? A. 3999.21 m2 B. 298.88 m2 C. 2780.75 m2 D. 1616.91 m2 E. 580.62 m2 I can't seem to get an answer that matches from one of the above, i have tried to add all the areas up...
  5. J

    Integrating Velocity in the Simple Harmonic Oscillator

    Obtain the displacement x as a function of time for the simple harmonic oscillator using the conservation of energy equation. [Hint: Integrate v = +-√[ k/m . (A^2 - x^2) ] with v = dx/dt.]
  6. P

    Help Needed Quickly on Original but Simple Research

    Hello everybody! I recently conducted research where I ran protein powders through a spectrophotometer which gave out concentration values to compare to the label. I prepared 6 dilutions of the powder ranging from 100 to 600 micrograms/mL according to the nutrition label. I then ran 3...
  7. J

    Simple Harmonic Motion - General Solution

    (a) Show that x = a sin ωt + b cos ωt is a general solution of the equation, d^2x/dt^2 + kx/m = 0, and (b) determine the constants a and b in terms of the A and Φ of the equation, x = A cos(ωt + Φ).
  8. A

    a simple combinatorics (i assume) problem

    I feel that kind of problem should be very easy, but still got no clue how to solve it.(Thinking) Cars have 4 wheels, trikes - 3 wheels, trucks - 6 wheels. What's the number of all possible vehicle combinations that have a total amount of wheels of 50. Thanks.
  9. M

    Simple problems.

    Hi, I am reviewing something, and now I feel pretty inadequate write 3 1/6 as a percent, round to nearest tenth of a percent. So It would be 316.7 percent?
  10. J

    Simple Harmonic Motion - Spring

    A spring with spring constant 250 N/m vibrates with an amplitude of 12 cm when 0.38 kg hangs from it. (a) What is the equation describing this motion as a function of time? Assume the mass passes through the equilibrium point, toward positive x (upward), at t = 0.11 s. (b) At what times will the...
  11. M

    simple question on distributing a negative

    with this rule in mind, can it be applied at will say to simplify an expression such as (1-x)/(x-1) to arrive at -1 i am confused because i was under the impression if you multiplied by a factor of 1 to the top of an expression then you also had to do so to the bottom.
  12. F

    Simple question for complex derivatives

    For "If f(z) and g(z) are differentiable, so is f(z)+g(z)", they have to be differentiable at identical z right? Like say f(z)=z (differentiable for all z), and g(z)=|z|^2 (differentiable of all z except 0), the sum rule wouldn't work right?
  13. Q

    Simple mathematical induction

    Okay, so I've just started with mathematical induction today, and I've encountered a problem which I cannot seem to solve (probably because I haven't done any math related work in a long time). It's just the simple problem of proving the following: n^2>=2n+1 (for: n>=3) I've worked it out as...
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    Need elaboration on a simple probability question

    Hi all, I'm doing some review and I am not totally comprehending a portion of one of the examples, hoping someone can elaborate on what is actually being said. [Question] If there are 11 strangers in a room, what is the probability that no two of them celebrate their birthdays in the same...
  15. P

    Simple Linear Regression Model

    Let a simple linear regression model be: Y_i=\alpha +\beta x_i + e_i \ \ \ (i=1, \cdots ,n) e_i\sim N(0,\sigma ^{2}) Least squares estimator of \alpha , \beta are: \hat{\alpha }=\bar{Y}-\hat{\beta}\bar{x}, \hat{\beta}=\frac{S_{(xY)}}{S_{(xx)}} (S_{(XY)} is defined as...
  16. H

    Showing that there is no simple group of order 6p^r

    Show that there is no simple group of order 6p^r for any prime p and positive integer m.
  17. O

    Help with simple differentiation question

    Hi, I am in the middle of Differentiating parametric equations however I got stuck and I was hoping someone could give me an answer. I need to differentiate with respect to x this equation: It looks simple but I have no idea how to do it, I tried searching the internet but I don't even know...
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    SImple interest

    Quick Print Press borrowed $20,000 from the Provincial Bank on May 25 at 7.5 percent and secured the loan by signing a promissory note subject to a variable rate of interest. Quick Print made partial payments of $5000 on July 10 and $8000 on September 15. The rate of the interest was increased...
  19. B

    Trying to solve a polynomial - probably simple

    Hi, I'm trying to help a high-school sophomore with a math problem, and unfortunately my algebra days are long behind me. Here's the equation: x^3-9x-440=0 I know x=8, but I don't know how to find it. I'd appreciate some guidance. Thanks.
  20. K

    I know these questions are simple but that's what confuses me

    So for the parts under question 1 from this sheet: Are my solutions enough? I'm just not sure if it's rigorous enough, whenever I have to "prove" something that seems obvious to me to be true it throws me off. Thanks :)