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    Shortcut To Identify Cube Nets.

    hi all.. i am frustrated, how to easy find & identify a cub nets.. like this : thanks a lot.... zidan3311
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    Shortcut To Find Average Value!!

    hi guys... The average value of the test in a class is 5 , if the added value of a new student whose value is 7 , the average grade to 5.1. Determine the number of students initially ! do you have shortcut/formula method? thanks a lot... zidan3311
  3. H

    Vertex Form Quadratic Written Using Factored Form Variables

    Typically, the conversion of a factored form quadratic into vertex form would be done by expanding and completing the square. However, I have come up with an equation that replaces this method, by allowing conversions to be carried out using only substitution and simplification. This method is...
  4. D

    Function Shortcut help

    So I'm having trouble solving the problem: Samuel was asked to evaluate (f(8) - f(2)) / 8 - 2, where f(a) = 9 - 3a. Without preforming a calculation he knew the answer was -3. Explain how Samuel knew this. I'm not looking for an answer just someone to guide me in the right directions! Thanks :D
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    Integration - shortcut using factorials?

    \int_0^{\infty} x^{10} e^{-\frac{90}{x}} dx \int_0^{\infty} x^{11} e^{-\frac{90}{x}} dx Is there a shortcut to seeing that the top equation divided by the bottom equation is equal to 10?
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    what would be the no of digits in 461+462+463+464+465
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    Help Linear Dependent - Shortcut

    Show that {x2 , x2+x+1, x2+x, x-1} is LD I took like 20 mins to find the solution with trial and error to get (x2+x) - 1/2(x2+x+1) -1/2(x-1) -1/2(x2) =0 ---> LD Are there any formula or shortcut for this? How about {x4+x2+1, x4-x2+1, x4-x2-1}?
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    Shortcut Window / Toolbox

    Hi all, when I'm using LaTeX in the TeXnicCentre, I have a handy toolbox called "Diverse Symbols" which has useful buttons for the integral symbol, and the sigma symbol, and a few others I don't know of. Can this be customised? So I can have simple buttons for things like fractions etc. Or...
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    Trinomial product shortcut

    Hello, I am having trouble with this problem: Find the product of (x+y-2) and (x+y+2) Now, obviously I can use the, so to speak, "old fashion" way by foiling it. But they say in the solution that I can use a special product and rewrite it as: [(x+y)-2][(x+y)+2] And furthermore be written...
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    Shortcut for Factoring Polynomials

    Hi, Quick question. Say we have a polynomial k^2 + k - 12 , one can use FOIL to find the factors. However, is there a shortcut for doing the opposite. i.e. I have (k-3)(k+4) but want to find the polynomial? What confused me is that - 3.-4 will give -12 but so will +3.-4. Thanks
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    matrix algebra shortcut methods

    I want to know the tricks/shortcuts to find, Rank, eigen values, inverse, determinant, of a matrix, ....... I know such type of tricks/shortcuts exists but what they are ? Please help me i am in a greate need of that... Thanks
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    Shortcut calculation for tax savings on capital expenditure

    Hi Say, Machinery = $400,000 Useful life = 4 years Capital Allowance Rate = 25% Corporation Tax Rate = 35% Scrap Value = $5,000 Do you know any short cut that being used to calculate the total tax savings amount? I only know till certain steps. ie 40,000 x 0.25 x 0.35 x 0.75 x 0.75...
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    1.05 question - Shortcut?

    If I have 1.05 and it's to the power of can I just move the decimal to the right to get the same answer as if I went 1.05 * 1.05 * 1.05 (and then just keep taking my answer and multiplying it by 1.05 till I have done so 120 times. Will the answers be the same, theory? I hope that makes sense.
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    Slope-Intercept form shortcut?

    In class today, my teacher was going over a shortcut you can take in slope-intercept form working. Unfortuneately, i was half-dozing throughout the class, because i spent so much time yesterday working on social studies and language projects, and i had 2 hours of volunteer working, that i only...