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    Shooting method

    hi guys, i must di this exercise: Solve with shooting method this boundary value problem: [V-(1-m)*(y/2)]*(dU/dy)+m*U^2-d/dy(dU/dy)=0 -[(1-m)*(y/2)]*(dU/dy)+m*U+dV/dy=0 for U(y) and V(y) with y[0..20] boundary value: U(0)=0, V(0)=0 and U(20)=1 with 1 - Euler method 2 - Rounge Kutta 4 order...
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    linear shooting method

    hi, does anyone know how to get y(a) and y(b) from the boundary conditions? i substituted the boundary conditions in 5.7 and 5.8 into the combined equation under those. i dont know how you get those . how do p(x) and q(x) vanish? thanks(Happy)
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    Probability - shooting

    Two guys are shooting at a target. First one fires 9 rounds and second one fires 10 rounds in this session. First one has 8/10 precision and second one has 7/10 precision. There is a hit. What is the probability that second shooter is the one that hit it?
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    [SOLVED] Prove max distance angle of shooting a cannon

    In class we proved that the best angle (ignoring air resistance) for shooting a cannon at a height of 0 is 45 deg. How would i prove what the best angle (less than or greater than 45) is if the cannon is raised to some Height, H, where H>0. I dont need the specific angle i just need to prove...
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    Coin Flip Questions, Shooting Question, And Rock Concert?

    #1 A fair coin is flipped 30 times. What is the probability the coin will show heads less than 17 times? My work: 1 P(NOT 17) = 1 - (30C13)(.5)^30 Answer: 0.7077 #2 Tom has a 1/2 of shooting the target, and Kate has a 1/3 chance of shooting the target. What is the probability that atleast one...
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    MATLAB for Non Linear Shooting method for solving BVPs

    I am struggling with this. I know I need the secant method but I am not sure how to get this program to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    a curious question about shooting

    Hi all, I have a curious question about shooting. Suppose I shoot a gun 180 degree straight up to the sky, where will the bullet land and what will happen to the bullet? Thank you very much.