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    The projection of two sheets in R^4 into R^3

    Dear all; I have a question. In the attached file, there are two sheets embedded in 4-dim euclidean space R^4 (Note that they don't intersect). If we project them into 3-dim hyperspace, then the left part as well as the right part will be a line. I don't know what is the projected image of the...
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    Having trouble with econ problem - banks and balance sheets

    I've been reading my textbook and looking through my class notes and I just can't seem to make sense out of this problem. Any help would be appreciated!! I'm totally lost! :/ Suppose a bank has $100 million dollars of assets to invest. It can either invest in risky or safe loans. Safe loans...
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    Ice Sheets and Sea Levek Rise (Problem Solving)

    The ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica contain massive amounts of frozen water (i.e ice) that, if broken off or melted, for instance from extended global warming or from outward ice flow, would go largely into the oceans. In views of the vast size of the oceans, covering over 70% of the...
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    exam answer sheets

    Shaniqua is taking a multiple choice exam and is going to guess all of her answers. There are 10 questions on the exam, each question with 3 possible choices and only one correct choice. What is the probability that she will make at least 60% on the exam just by guessing? Here is as far as I...
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    Looking for Advanced Order of operations sheets.

    Many times when im doing calculus i do the calculus correct , but i simplify wrong i belive this is because i am not always certain what is illegal to add multiply or divide to what . So i was wondering if anyone has found or knows of some kind of worksheet online where i can practice problems...
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    Balance Sheets

    Hi, Just attempting to get some answer from a balance sheet, however i'm really stuck may you have alook at the following and look at the second sheet(WhatINeed) and tell me if I'm on the right lines.. and advice would be brillant...
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    any software can make pdf like example sheets

    Any software can make pdf like example sheets in Mac OS X. Which supports inserting math equations with latex
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    Cutting Sheets of Paper

    Alejando cuts sheets of paper to make ballots. 1 cut = 2 Ballots 2 cut = 4 Ballots 3 cut = 8 Ballots 4 cut = 16 Ballots 5 cut = 32 Ballots AND SO ON... From this you can get the equation: y=2^n Say that a stack of 250 sheets of paper is 1 inch high. How high would a stack of ballots be...