1. Robocop

    Market Share

    The two pie-charts show the market share of different companies which produces TV and Refrigerator(both) in the first quarter of 2014-15: Which of the following cannot be deducted from the given data: (a) The angular difference samsung TV and Electrolux refrigerator is 3.6 degrees. (b) Sony...
  2. S

    Test for 2 pentagrams being diametric that share an outer end point.

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding a good way to test for 2 pentagrams being diametric. The pentagrams share two lines and an endpoint, so it looks like they're attached. I want to test if they're diametric or if they overlap. I thought it would be easy. I get the coordinates of the common...
  3. B

    A market share puzzle

    In a certain market there exists two brands of cereal from two competing companies. Brand X and Y. It is known from historical data The probability that a customer using brand X would hop to brand Y in a given year is 12% The probability that a customer using brand Y would hop to brand X in a...
  4. H

    Share problem and rate percent

    What rate percent per annum does a man get by buying Rs.100 share (Rs.70 paid- up) at Rs. 60, when the dividend is 5% per annum?
  5. S

    Engineering economics question about the purchase price of a share

    I don't understand how I am supposed to know how to figure out that I need those particular equations to solve this problem. I think I get what the question is asking but I'm not too sure about how to answer it. The work given seems like random numbers just placed on the screen like, I don't...
  6. V

    post-acquisition share price

    plz delete
  7. P

    Help needed with pro-rata share allocation for sale of stock for clients

    Hi all, First time visiting this forum so I'm hoping someone can assist. I'm building a macro in Excel to handle the following scenario, and while my code is good, the math to arrive at the answer is wrong...which is where (hopefully) some of you come in. I have situations where multiple...
  8. andro45

    Aunti's Share!

    here is a puzzle from Shakuntala Devi's: When my uncle in Madura died recently, he left a will, instructing his executors to dividehis estate of Rs 1,920,000 in this manner: Every son sould receive three times as much as a daughter, and that every daughter should get twice as much as their...
  9. M

    Share Stock

    In response to the stock market’s reaction to its dividend policy, the Car Company has decided to increase its dividend payment at a rate of 4 percent per year. The firm’s most recent dividend is $3.25 and the required rate of interest is 9 percent. What is the maximum you would be willing to...
  10. A

    Share the Estate

    An estate valued a $62,000 is left by will as follow: To each of two grandchildren a certain sum, to the son twice as much as the two grandchildren together, and to the widow $2,000 more than to the son and grandchildren together. How much goes to each?