1. M

    Finding the horizontal mid-line of an irregular shape

    G’day Math Help forum I was hoping someone might be able to help me out dividing an irregular shape I’m working with. The shape I’m working with is divided into 2 areas (A and B), and I’m trying to find the horizontal line that divides each of those areas (L1 and L2) and the...
  2. L

    Isosceles triangles + quadrilaterals

    Hi there, this is my first thread so I hope I'm doing everything correctly. I have a question which I'm finding particularly challenging. ABCD is a quadrilateral and a line through A parallel to BC meets DC at X. If angle D is equal to angle C, prove that triangle ADX is isosceles. Any help...
  3. S

    Find Area of The Shape (Blue Region)

    hi all.. how to find easy area of the shape below ( region blue) Find Area of The Shape (Blue Region)-area-blue.png
  4. RobertXIV

    Centre of Mass problem [ft. 2-part shape]

    C.O.M := centre of mass HI! So I'm trying to work through this problem and wondering what sort of input I can get from you guys. Here's the problem as written: "Let a and k be two positive constants. Find the centre of mass of the solid bounded below by the cone z^2 = x^2 + y^2 and above by the...
  5. J

    simple shape program

    hey guys! I really hope one of you can help me. I'm using onenote as my primary notetaking program, but I'm having a hard time adding triangles with added values like angles, length and so on. so, does any of you know a simple program with triangle templates where I can add values and name the...
  6. A

    Rotations of a shape

    after plotting the points (3,3) (-2,2) (-3-3) and (2-2) and joining the points on the graph I have constructed a quadrilateral shape, I am trying to figure the elements of the symmetry group of this shape, so far I have the identity element and a rotation about pi , I cant seem to find any...
  7. Z

    Find Area of The Shape (Blue Region)

    hi all.. how to find easy area of the shape below ( region blue) thanks...
  8. Z

    Find Area of The Shape

    hi all... how to easy find area of shading shape this below : thanks..
  9. R

    What is the name of the shape graphed by the function (theta)=-pi/6?

    What is the name of the shape graphed by the function (theta)=-pi/6?
  10. P

    Find the area of the shape

    What is the area of this shape? 42 square inches 48 square inches 54 square inches 78 square inches
  11. C

    Finding the Volume Shape Created by y=X^3 y=x^(1/3) About y=1

    HI y'all Trying to find the volume of the shape inclosed by y=x^3 and y=x^(1/3) when rotated about y=1. The limits of integration are 0 to 1. What I'm really having trouble with is writing the formula for the Area (using the washer method). Thank you in advanced,
  12. M

    Describe the shape of u for times t>3

    Hello, I have a problem from Evans_partial differantial equations. Ch 2.23 Let S denote the square lying in R x (0,∞)with corners at the points (0,1), (1,2), (0,3), (-1,2). Define f(x,t)= -1 for (x,t) ԑ S ∩ {t>x+2} 1 for (x,t) ԑ S ∩ {t<x+2} 0...
  13. D

    Volume/Diameter of a cylindrical shape (newbie problem).

    Hi everyone. It's been many years since I was in college math or any math course so I hope you guys can help because I have a feeling there is a way to do this: Basically, I need to create an accurate head-on view of the dimensions of a guitar neck....without sawing the wood in half of course...
  14. C

    Shape revolved around the x-axis?

    I have this question: I found that the volume would be around 10, and I believe the last equation fits that, but my friend (in the same class) told me that it can't be around 10. Am I right or is he? If he is what did I do wrong? That's what I had when I integrated e^x-x from 0 to 1.
  15. M

    Can't find the dimension of this shape.

    I'm in mathematic 112 (Pre-Algebra) I'm supposed to find the dimensions of the fictional apartment in the picture (attached), with the given area of the whole apartement which is 450sq ft and area of the Living Room which is 180sq ft. I don't know where to start. I have tried a lot of step...
  16. T

    vectors - prove shape is a parallelogram

    I know I have to show that two sides are equal and in order to prove this is a parallelogram, however I am not sure which sides to pick ? i.e. Is it PQ = RS or RP = SQ, How would I know, and I dont think i would be able to sketch the diagram as its in a R^{3}
  17. M

    How do you know the shape of a function by looking at the equation?

    F(x,y) = 40x - x2 + 15y - 4y2 How do I know what this function is supposed to look like without drawing it out on paper? Any help would be greatly appreciated (Nod)
  18. K

    Need help finding volume of irregular shape

    Hi, The question reads: "A swimming pool is 15.0 m wide, 24.0 m long, 1.00 m deep at one end, and 2.60 m deep at the other end. How many cubic meters of water can it hold? (The slope on the bottom is constant." I tried solving it by turning one of the polygonal sides into a right triangle...
  19. Also sprach Zarathustra

    Proving that a shape S is a sphere.

    Let S\subset {\mathbb{R}}^3 with the following properties: 1. For any line l: |l\cap S|=2 or |l\cap S|=1 or |l\cap S|=0 2. For any planeP: |P\cap S|=4 or |P\cap S|=1 or |P\cap S|=0 Prove that S is a sphere.
  20. V

    Young tableaux of shape lambda.

    Consider the partition \lambda=(m,n-m) of n (thus 2m \ge n.) The number of Young tableaux of shape \lambda is given by f_{(m,n-m)} = \binom nm - \binom{n}{m+1} a) Prove this using the hook-length formula. b) Prove this using induction on n Please, help!