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    degree, minute, seconds

    the definition of degree, minutes, seconds in relation to angle has got something do with hour, minutes and seconds in relation to time? Please explain.
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    Suppose a person walks due east from point A for 10 seconds, then stops for 10 second

    Suppose a person walks due east from point A for 10 seconds, then stops for 10 seconds and finally turns around and walks back to point A during the next 10 seconds. Which of the following graphs represent the distance of the person from point A as a function of time measured in seconds? The...
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    How many seconds are there in a day?

    I am stuck with this question... Can anyone help please: How many seconds are there in a day? is the answer: 86400 seconds
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    How many seconds from my destination am I?

    Think I put this in the wrong place? A mile has 5,280 feet, and an hour has 3,600 seconds, so 60 miles per hour is: 60 x 5,280 / 3,600 = 88 fps (60 mph = 88 fps ) How to determine how many seconds from your destination you are (example driving in a car and you are 1500' from your next...
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    Math Help: How many seconds from my destination am I?

    Please disregard. this thread is an accidental duplicate of one that was answered in the puzzle forum. thank you.
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    Final amount after X seconds

    Hi I have 3 trasparent Containers A, B and C wich can contain water. It is possible to have an negative amount of water. Container A start off with a random amount ( a ) of water. The amount of water can be negative or possitive. Container B starts of with a fixed amount ( b ) of water wich...
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    Finding final amount after X seconds

    Hi Ill try to describe my problem in a simple way: I have a stopwatch set to X seconds. Every second this happens: - Y amount of water is automaticaly being put intoo a transparent ContainerA. - I then take a bucket and fill it with the exact amount of water in ContainerA, and pour the entire...
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    seconds to hour

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    Entering seconds of degrees into TI-89 Titanium

    How do you enter seconds into a ti-89 Titanium? I know how to enter degrees and minutes, but can't seem to locate seconds. Thanks. :)
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    Centimetres into Seconds

    Hi guys, I've got an equation that has been puzzling me. It's this : If 5 seconds equals 11.5 cm then how can i find how many seconds is 3.3 cm or 2.5 cm ? Thanks for your help
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    Miles per Hour into miles per second

    Okay so I was never good at math. I suck, actually. Real bad. I've been trying to figure out how to convert miles per hour into miles per second, but I can't get it right. It's not homework, but I need to know... =/ So, my question is: If an object can travel a distance of 250 miles per hour...
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    desperate seconds

    I have 3 questions and NO TIME. I'll be sucking on one of the exam desks just a few hrs later. Pls help me coz late studies may bring me just a few points... 1) x²y'' + xy' - y = xlnx maybe about euler 2) y'' – 2y' + y = x-½ ex 3) ty''+(1-2t)y'-2y=0 y(0)=1 , y'(0)=2 Laplace...
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    Convert Angle measure to Degrees Minutes Seconds

    I am given -0.335 (no degree sign) I am told that the answer is -20 degrees 20 minutes 24 seconds. If I convert -0.335 as a degree I get -0 degrees 20 minutes 6 seconds If I change -0.335 to degrees I get -19.19408614 degrees then when I convert to Degrees minutes seconds, my answer is -19...
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    Ageing in dog years. How to calculate that in days, hours, seconds?

    If a dog ages 7 years for every 1 human year, how do I calculate how much the dog ages for every human day, hour, minute and second? The 7:1 ratio is hypothetical, of course. But for this problem I'm just taking it as fact. Thanks.
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    Degrees, Minutes, Seconds form (DMS)

    I'm learning about degrees and radians and this came up in my homework. Convert: Example: 54(degrees)45(minutes) to decimal degree form. I know (after using the DMS function on my calculator) that the answer is 54.75 How do I do this without my calculator? How do I convert DMS back and forth?
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    Second order ODEs - inhomogeneous

    Hi, I have a prblem with a question that I'm working on I've managed to get so far but not sure what my next step should be. I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction? I've managed this so far: QUESTION: Find the general solution of: d^2 y/ d x^2 - 3dy/dx + 2y = 5 + 6e^7x...
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    Division by 9 in five seconds!!!

    Division By Nine Simplified : A Vedic Math Approach Split each dividend into a left hand part for the quotient and a single digit right hand part for the remainder and mark it by a vertical line.Always leave the first digit of the dividend for quotient's first digit.Thus in this case, the...
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    Finding the Velocity Vector and Speed after t seconds

    This is to do with mechanics, which as far as I know is pre-calc, not pre-algebra. Question: A particle has an initial velocity of i+2j and is accelerating in the direction i+j. If the magnitude of the acceleration is 5\sqrt{2}, find the velocity vector and the speed of the particle after 2...
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    Logarithm question [won't take two seconds!]

    The question asks to solve log_a (3x + 4) - log_a x = 3 log_a 2 I have got to log_a \frac{3x + 4}{x} = log_a 8 But I'm not sure if this is the correct method or what to do after this to solve it. Could someone please help with this?
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    Large Calculations to Hours, Minutes, Seconds

    Am I correct in thinking I have worked out the following question correctly? Question 1 1.77843714 × 1014 (please note the raising of 14, not sure how to do subscript) divided by 15 thousand million commands per sec. I worked this out as: 177 843 714 000 000 divided by 15 000 000...