1. T

    Normal and Z score equation

    If Y is a normal random variable, what is the probability distribution of Z= 2Y + 6 My first assumption is that a standard curve would be centered at Z=Y ? And from that the mean would then be 2μ+6 (not 100% on if the +6 should carry with it) and the variance would be 4sigma^2 + 36 (because we...
  2. D

    probability of getting largest score

    A box contains five balls,each written with digits 1,2,3,4,5. A player draws three balls at random and his score is largest if the numbbers drawn . What is the probablility if the score is 3 ? the ans is 3c3/5c3 = 1/10...Can someone explain on this?
  3. W

    Calculating Z Score Without Population?

    Here is my problem: I know that one variable, x1 has an estimated coefficient of 3 and a standard error of 0.9. I have to write out the equation for and then solve to find out whether or not to reject the null hypothesis that the coefficient is 0 and then calculate the value of the test...
  4. D

    Probability of getting total score (dice)

    A game is played by players taking turns to toss the dice. If a player gets 2 , 3, 4, or 5 , then it would be his score and the next player takes over. If the score is 1 or 6 , the player is given an extra toss and his score will be the sum of two scores obtained. Event A and B are defined as...
  5. I

    How good is this score? (Standard deviation problem)

    The average score for the exam was 100 with a standard deviation of 10. A person takes the exam and scores 121. Assuming that the exam is valid, how good is this score?
  6. C

    Probability of randomly predicting the score of a baseball game

    Hi there, I'm writing a novel in which the main character receives the scoreboard to a baseball game from the future. It's right of course. He's a math whiz, and to verify that it's from the future he calculates what the probability of it being a coincidence. Unfortunately it's beyond my...
  7. T

    Formula involving a score for questions answered within a set time

    Hi All, I hope I am posting in the correct thread? I am using Microsoft Excel to construct a formula so it is possible to use "IF" statements but I need a little help on the Maths side. The student has to answer 25 questions while being timed. The goal is to answer the questions within 25...
  8. S

    problem on sampling ex 4b q3 ,probability that the total score exceeds 260.

    n unbiased dice is thrown once. Write down the probability distribution of the score X and show that Var(X) = 35/12 = I've done this!!! The same dice is thrown 70 times. a) Find the probability that the mean score is less than 3.3. b) Find the probability that the total score exceeds 260. is...
  9. L

    Need help with t score

    a 1st grade class takes an achievement test that provides parents with the results of eachchild's achievement as well as a class level of achievement. The results Dan's parents receives are: Math: Tscore of 67 Reading: T score of 57...
  10. A

    Similarity Score to use in Clustering vectors

    Hi everyone, Is there any method to measure similarity between two vectors in a set of vectors that takes into account the distribution of each attribute in that set ? To explain by example : let's assume we have 10000 vectors <x1,x2,....,xn> , now we want to know how much is the similarity...
  11. roshanhero

    Test Score

    Suppose Bobby and Cindy’s neighbor was in Cindy’s class and was told that he scored at the 50th percentile in his class. What was his test score?
  12. H

    Noramalisation of a score in a number range with variable number ranges

    Normalisation of a score in a number range with variable number ranges I am not sure on the correct method for calculating a normalised value from a data range. For example: 65 ~ 122 75 ~ 140 The value can be anywhere in those ranges, and I need a single value from 0~1, the ranges have in...
  13. B

    Limiting distribution of score variable

    Prove that \frac{1}{\sqrt{n}}\left (\sum_{i=1}^{n} \frac{\partial l(X_{i};\theta )}{\partial \theta } \right )\overset{D}{\rightarrow}N(0,I(\theta )) Where l(X_i; θ) is the log likelihood function and I(θ) is the Fisher Information. How would I go about proving this?
  14. B

    final score (X) when given SD, M, and variation

    Hi, Wondering how you would go about figuring the following problem. N = 10, M = 20, SD = 2 Nine of the raw scores have a variation of +12, given the rest of the info on the sample, what is the tenth raw score? Thank You
  15. A


    in a shooting competition a man can score 0,2,4 points for each shot .then the number of different ways in which he can score 14 points in 5 shots is
  16. R

    Z score question

    the time taken to for grade 4 students to complete a small puzzle follows a normal distribution with the standard deviation of 30 seconds. If 70% of grade 4 students complete the puzzle in 4 minutes or less, find the mean completion time for the grade. im stuck with this one i unsure how the...
  17. S

    Calculating a score in Excel

    I have an Excel spreadsheet that I'm using to calculate a score based on how the evaluator rates a certain area. The area can have a score between 1 through 5 with 5 being the best. There are at times multiple evaluators. So for example there are eight evaluators, two of them rated the area "1"...
  18. D

    Determine the probability that the total score is 8 when two like dice are thrown.

    ok the question in the text book goes as "Determine the probability that the total score is 8 when two like dice are thrown." im thinkin the only way to thrown total of 8 2,6 3,5 4,4 can someone help me from here?
  19. K

    Exam score

    What score do I need to get in my final exam, in order to pass my course? I got: 55% for a test worth 15% of my final grade. 48% for a test worth 20% or my final grade. 65% for a test worth 25% of my final grade. and the exam I'll be doing is worth 40% of my final grade...
  20. M

    normal distribution/ z score chart

    I need help!!! the verbal part of the graduate record exam(gre) has a mean (u) of 500 and a standard deviation of 100. use the normal distribution to answer the following: 1. if we wanted to select only students at or above the 90th percentile, what verbal gre score would we use as a cutoff...