1. C

    Blocks Scientific Calculator (and a bit of discussion about calculators)

    Hello (Hi) As new member to this forum, I would like to share you my humble contribution to the world of calculators. It is an android app I developed after my experience with calculators during my studies, and I hope it can make computations on such devices easier for some people. I have...
  2. R

    Scientific Notation Application

    If the diameter of a sodium atom is 3.14 x 10^(-8) cm, how many sodium atoms would fit along a line exactly one inch long if one inch is 2.54 cm? The words " many sodium atoms' quickly led me to consider division. So, 3.14 x 10^(-8) divided by 2.54 is my understanding of the...
  3. J

    Rounding scientific notation to significant figures

    I have to take a basic math class and it's been a while and I'm pretty lost. How do you round numbers to significant figures which are in scientific notation? eg. 8.894e7 to 3 s.f. Thanks
  4. A

    Need help with Scientific Notations

    Good evening all, I need some understanding on how to do scientific notations as I have not done any maths since the 80's; this is something new to me as I would need to know how I can express Mpbs in bits per second (bps) using scientific notation. Calculate the time it takes to download the...
  5. G

    Multiplication of scientific notation problem

    Hi there how would i solve this equation 5.5 Mol x (6.02x10^23 Atoms) / 1 MOL
  6. D

    Scientific Calculator for Android Phone?

    I have a Samsung S3 smartphone. One of the apps that comes pre-installed with the phone is a calculator. It has a "basic" option and a "scientific" option, which provides functions for calculating cosine, sine, tangent, etc., but I haven't been able to figure out how to do the inverses...
  7. L

    IEEE 754 single precision floating point, hexadecimal to binary scientific notation

    For IEEE 754 single precision floating point, what is the number, as written in binary scientific notation, whose hexadecimal representation is the following? (a) 4280 0000 (c) 0061 0000 (e) 7FE4 0000 Okay so I'm stuck on (a). The answer in the book says, 1.0 * 2^6 but I get 1.0010 * 2^-59...
  8. U

    scientific notation question

    problem please help hi to all, there is a 7 day tournament and it costs $16.07 per second. i would like to know what is the total $ answer with scientific notation to (4s.f) many thanks in advance a model would be perfect for future use.
  9. A

    Quadratic Equations on Scientific Calculator

    I am wondering if it's possible to do a quadratic equation on a scientific calculator and if it is how would I go about doing it? I am completely baffled by scientific calculators. Sharp EL-W531 WriteView Thanks in advance!
  10. L

    scientific notation

  11. R

    basic and scientific calculators

    As a senior citizen this might seem like an obvious question but I would like to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers which involve both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE numbers in any combination using both a basic and scientific calculator. I have a TI30 that has a key to MINUS...
  12. astartleddeer

    What is the ALPHA button on a modern scientific calculator?

    Hello, I've always been curious about the ALPHA button on a modern scientific calculator. The buttons it corresponds to are A, B, C, D, E, F, M, X, Y and also Ranint by which are all in red. I've made calculated attempts to try and play with them and come to a conclusion why they are there...
  13. D

    Scientific paper function notation

    Hi all. I'm using a model from a paper my supervisor forwarded me to for my Dissertation, however there's one part of it I'm failing to understand. As this is a basic problem, I decided to post it here. It states that k_exci is an increasing function of v on the interval 0 <= v <= v_exci...
  14. M

    Carrying out conversions in scientific notation

    I need to convert 12.56 km to ft. I know it's 41297.35 feet, but I'm not sure how to set up the equation. So far, I have (I know it's not right)... (12.56 km/1 ft) * (104.6 ft/1 in) * (87.22 in/1 cm) * (34.34 cm/1 km) Thanks!
  15. D

    Converting to scientific notation

    Just having a memory loss here, could someone please advise where I am making my mistake? I have; 6300000, per hour 151200000, per day 4687200000, and per month (31) 579200000, and this is a rounded figure from line above, i.e. 3 sf All the above follow on from each other. 630 0000 x...
  16. J

    Grade 8 scientific notation

    I have a sum (this was all marked last week) the sum is 32.4 billion and it says change to scientific notation. The teacher says it is 3.24 x 10 to the power of 13. Not 14. She also says, that 17.52 in scientific notation is 1.752x 10 because we want it to move by 1 decimal place, so...
  17. C

    Question about a scientific paper - Fluid Mechanics - Perturbation Theory

    My question pertains to the following article: SpringerLink - Ocean Dynamics, Volume 47, Number 4 Gabriel Godin - Magnitude of Stokes' drift in coastal waters - Ocean Dynamics, 1995 - Springer I have attached the relevant section to this post. My question is whether Godin's assertion...
  18. M

    Finding x in fraction with scientific notation

    Hi I need help with this problem...I cant figure it would be appreciated! (Trying to find x) \frac{\ 10^8}{10^5} = \frac{\ x}{10^9}
  19. D

    Significant Numbers and Scientific Notation Help!

    Hello new here and to maths! haha sorry if this is the wrong place I hope it is! So here is the random number equation that I came up with first one is Significant Numbers. 7.6132 x 3.42 = 26.1 This one is Scientific Notation 7.345 x 10^3 ÷ 3.33 10^2 = 2.21 x 10^1 Hope they are right if not...
  20. P

    Scientific notation

    Problem is: (5.0028 x 10^-7) + (6.14 x 10^-10) If done on the calculator the result is 5.00894 x 10^-7 or 5.0090 x 10^-7 I must be doing something incorrectly... -Add 5.0028 + 6.14 = 11.1428 -Add 10^-7 + 10^-10 = 10^-17 So I get 1.1143 x 10^-16 Anyone know what I did incorrectly?