1. G

    Math - life science

    I set the equation for (a) X+Y+Z=330 5X = Y+Z But i dont know how to find x,y,z in terms of t (dont even know what t representing for) is this a exponential decay with time t ..?
  2. S

    science based results

    The variation of science based results Memphis vs South Florida Live Stream Temple vs Charlotte Live Stream Connecticut vs BYU Live Stream New Zealand All Blacks vs Georgia Live Stream AFL Grand Final 2015 Live Stream Hawthorn Hawks vs West Coast Eagles Live Stream NZ All Blacks vs Georgia Live...
  3. S

    Maths and science

    Maths and science concepts quiz CSKA Moscow vs PSV Eindhoven Live Stream Atletico Madrid vs Benfica Live Stream Shakhtar Donetsk vs PSG Live Stream Juventus vs Sevilla FC Live Stream Manchester United vs Wolfsburg Live Stream Real Madrid vs Malmo Live Stream Manchester City vs Borussia...
  4. M

    Computer science student from Finland

    Hello everyone! I am a university-level computer science student from Finland. I've recently began my studies which among other things include math. I have some previous skills and knowledge of math but on the other hand also a lot to learn. I am looking forward to getting to know, learning...
  5. M

    Application of Probability in Computer Science

    Hi I am in my first year of Masters of Computer Science. At the end of the course we are required to do some research. I will be choosing Operating Systems, Programming Languages or Artificial Intelligence. Now, I come to my question. We are being taught Probability. However, the definitions...
  6. M

    Need help understanding the mathematics mentioned in a popular science book

    The text is this, quoted: "Well, you know how you can figure the distance between two points by measuring the distance along two parallel axes, right? If an object is three steps east of you and four steps north, then it's five steps away in a direction 37 degrees east of north. That total...
  7. F

    Trigonometry HELL!

    I'm in summerschool right now and in regular school the teachers never taught us about trigonometry, yet i got 2 trigonomical questions thrown at me by my summerschool proffesor. I have ABSOLUTLEY no clue of what i am supposed to do. The first problem: I am to find out which of the four...
  8. C

    Computer science algorithm problem

    If given two arrays, Q and W which are sorted in non-decreasing order along with an integer c, how could I develop an algorithm that finds the cth smallest element in the concatenation of Q and W? The algorithm should only look at O(log c) positions of the arrays Q and W. I've only been able to...
  9. KimJohansson

    Challenge yourself - Help a cognitive science student decipher Dynamic logic(neural)

    Hi! My name is Kim and I'm currently studying cognitive science in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have a problem I was hoping someone would be kind enough to help me with. Before I describe the problem you have to know that my mathematical knowledge isn't very advanced... at all. The "challenge" is to...
  10. M

    Decision Science Help....

    The seaside city of Finike is faced with a severe budget shortage. Seeking a long-term solution, the city votes to improve the tax base by replacing an underutilized housing area with a modern development. The project involves two phases: (1) demolishing substandard houses to provide land for...
  11. M

    Sriram - Masters in Computer Science :)

    Hi, My name is Sriram and am pursuing my masters in Computer Science. My research is in the area of query processing of multidimensional index structures. I face problems concerning high dimensions Cartesian structures in my work and felt this would be the right forum to talk about it. -Sriram
  12. D

    Math or Computer Science?

    Hi, firstly sorry for my bad English I want to ask a question to you about studying Math or CS in university. I'm 16 and i've been dealing with CS (programming,algorithms,artificial intelligence etc.) since I was 5. I love programming and mathematics so much, but I'm undecided what I will...
  13. A

    Mature student for Comp. Science

    Hi everyone, I'm 34 year old mature student studying a Higher Dip in I.T. (due to two recent redundancies - a change of career was needed!) AmigaNutter
  14. S

    computer science

    hey every one, i'v head that u also get help in computer science so i'v been searching for it but couldnt find it
  15. R

    Hi! I am a Computer Science Engineer studying math for an exam

    Hi, i am a Computer Science Engineer.. I'm studying math for an exam and never been good at it.. now trying my best bottom up!! need help in a lot of problems.. the first one is here :), thanx a lot! This is a question from the ISC book M. L. Agarwal. Please tell this approach to this...
  16. Y

    Group Theory Application in Computer Science

    Hi, I need to explore out about Group theory and its application in Computer Science. Do anyone has some ideas or know some good links. Kindly share. thanks, YKhan
  17. B

    pat, 23 yrs old actuarial science major.

    hey people, im looking forward to have to learning/helping others in there!
  18. R

    math for health science

    doctor ordered 300mcg of sulfate . it is available in 1/150 grain per ml. how many ml should i administer
  19. R

    Math for Health science

    the physician oders drug x 500 mg. it is available in 0.25 capsules. how many capsules will you administer?
  20. vaironxxrd

    Computer Science Math for a senior in HS

    I'm a senior in highschool, and I'm strongly thinking about obtaining a Computer Science degree. I'm already taking IB Computer Science, have a job doing Android Programming, and see college lectures on the time I have left. I have seen that Computer Scientist should be proficient in math...