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    Normalization and Scaling of second order DE

    I understand how to normalize a second order system, but I wanted to know if the same steps are taken when the parameters of the system are not scalar but matrices. For example d2X/dt2 + (2H)dX/dt + (E)X = 0 where 2H and E are 3x3 matrices and X is a 3x1 column vector. The solution I have...
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    How to use Likert Scale data in regression analysis?

    My knowledge about statistics is elementary and I would really appreciate some help or suggestions in solving my current problem. I am doing a dissertation and I will collect the data using a likert scale. My question is can I use that likert scale data to run a regression analysis to find out...
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    How do I find scale factor?

    Even though I understand what scale factor is, I feel like i'm not understanding the whole thing all together. So, can anyone show me all the ways to find scale factor while still making it 7th grade friendly for me please?
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    Scale position of points in a circle so it looks like a regular scaling?

    I have an Art degree, no math involved, so sometimes when doing 3D graphics and envisioning problems, it's hard to search for solutions over the internet since I don't have good pointers for search terms. I'm sure this is a trivial problem with a proper name/solution. Basically I just want to...
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    Data for Likert Scale

    Hi, I'd like to get some help with a question on Likert scales. I'm doing some work on a study that uses Likert scales and have been needing to know if the data that come out of them are ordinal. My lecturer has told me that data coming out of Likert scales are nominal but none of the...
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    Scale Ratio

    A map has a scale of 1:1000. (i) What distance on the ground (in meters) is represented on the map as (a) 2 cm (b) 7.6 cm (ii) What distance on the map represents (a) 100 m (b) 2.6 km ------------------ Can anyone help me to find the answer step by step...
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    Differential: Richter Scale

    On Richter scale, magnitude M of an earthquake of intesity I is: M = (ln(I)) - ln(I)0)/(ln(10)) Where I0 is the min intensity used for comparison, and assume that it equals 1. a. Find intensity of 106 San Fran earthquake (M = 8.3) This is what I did: I plugged in the givens. 8.3 = (ln I -...
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    Scale factor

    Luanne made a photocopy of a drawing of a rectangle. The original drawing was 4.5 inches wide and 6 inches long. The copy was 6.75 inches wide and 9 inches long. What was the scale factor for Luanne's copy? A) 1.5 B) 2 C) 2.25 D) 3...
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    Angles and pixels in a photo: Are trigonometric functions scale dependent?

    In a photo each pixel represents an angle. In an image of two objects with known angle (e.g. two stars), one could count the number of pixels between them and determine the ratio pixels/angle degree of that camera for all other purposes. I try to ignore the true ratio and just use pixel as an...
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    Star photography, camera image scaling problem

    I want to find out what angle a pixel in the images which my camera produces represent. So I take pictures of two points (stars in the sky). The true angle between them is known beforehand. But the camera produces images where the pixels are rectangular, i.e. non-quadratic. They are more...
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    Difference similarity shape, length, width, height, regardless of scale, most similar

    Lets say you have a rectangular prism. Model: LxWxH: 192 x 210 x 212 various rectangular prisms L,W,H 186,205,204 186,206,205 188,210,206 191,209,210 188,208,209 185,207,208 197,204,207 199,211,214 210,192,212 (should be farthest from a match) 384,420,424 (should be perfect match) How would...
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    How to correctly average together values from a logarithmic scale (dBm in this case).

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct category but here goes: I have two sets of numbers, milli-Watt (mW) and dBm. The mW values are linear while dBm is a logarithmic scale. The formula to get from mW to dBm is dBm = Log10(mW)*10. This meas of course to get from dBm to mW the equation...
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    Hi First Post, with a weight loss math question, sliding scale

    Hello, My name is Lars. I am 42 years young and starting a career change in my life. I started to take some programming classes last year and next year will start to take some math classes to help me grow. I have a program that I am working on and the math is a bit beyond me still. So I thought...
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    Scale Ratio

    Hi there im not sure what a question in my book means. On the page there is a small T.V and the question below The television set is drawn to a scale of 1:24. The length of the actual set is? A)48 cm B)60 cm C) 72 cm D) 84 cm Am i suppose to measure it with a ruler?
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    What is a Absolute Scale

    trying to convert 45°f to absolute scale is there an equation for this?
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    help with scale factor!

    I need help knowing if 'two figures are similar. They are related by a scale factor of 1.' is the answer a. the second figure is on size larger then the first figure b. the second figure is one size smaller than the first figure c. one figure is twice as big as the other d. the two figure are...
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    Converting a Variance calculation to a 1 to 100 scale (need some help)

    I need some help in figuring out what I need to do for the following math problem (hopefully this is the right place for this question): We have a survey that asks respondents to rate certain criterion. These criterion need to be changed at regular intervals based on several factors, one of...
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    Scale Factor

    I'm having trouble with scale factor, particularly these two problems. The areas of the bases of two similar square pyramids have the ratio 25:9. What is the ratio of their volumes? The volumes of two similar rectangular prisms are in a ratio of 81:3000. Find the surface area of the larger...
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    Scale Factor

    So I have checked different sources and definitions online all seem to vary on this question. Does a scale factor have to be represented with like units of measurement? For example: A map has a legend that dictates 3cm = 5mi Is the scale factor of that map 3:5 or do I need to convert the...
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    A tough logarithmic scale question

    Hello all, I have a question regarding logarithmic scales. Suppose I have an initial number (lets just say its 10) and a number I want to get to using logarithmic steps (lets say its 20). If I have an order of magnitude in mind and a number of steps in mind, is there a general way of...