1. romsek

    Latex Test - Is the new LaTex running? What am I doing wrong?

    $$\left(\begin{array}{c}&0 \\ &1 \end{array}\right)$$ $$\sqrt{3}$$ $$1 ~,~ \sqrt 2 ~,\&~ \sqrt {\frac{3}{2}}$$
  2. M

    Running Around a Track

    Hello, helpful people. I'm in some need of help. (Thinking) I'm not the best at setting up equations for word problems, especially those related to time. Therefore, it'd be the greatest help if you could guide me in setting up an equation to solve this problem: "Brooks and Avery are running...
  3. M

    Running time-series regressions on a dataset with large gaps: is it legitimate?

    I would like to run a simple time-series regression, to estimate the sensitivity of my dependent variable to a set of explanatory variables. However, instead of running the regression on the entire time-series, I would like to running it only over specific time periods, all stacked...
  4. T

    Running code in matlab !

    How to run this code ??? Please, help me ! function [xc,histout,costdata] = cgtrust(x0,f,parms,resolution) % % % C. T. Kelley, Jan 13, 1998 % % This code comes with no guarantee or warranty of any kind. % % function [x,histout] = cgtrust(x0,f,parms,resolution) % % Steihaug Newton-CG-Trust...
  5. S

    Predicting Running Time

    I was wondering whether it was possible to predict the running time of a program based on its past performance. My program works like this: A number n is input, and the output is one non-trivial factor of n. Here are the running times for my program: n Time (Seconds) 14532029 13...
  6. G

    running laps

    At 12:00 noon, Anne, Beth and Carmen begin running laps around a circular track of length three hundred meters, all starting from the same point on the track. Each jogger maintains a constant speed in one of the two possible directions for an indefinite period of time. Show that if Anne’s speed...
  7. J

    Race running

    Sneha,Shilpa,Sushma join a running race.The distance is 1500 metres. Sneha beats Shilpa by 30 metres and Sushma by 100 metres.By how much could Shilpa beat Sushma over the full distance if they both ran as before?
  8. R

    Matlab - Running fmincon with ODE45 in seperate M-file

    Hi, I've been having some problems writing this program and i'm not sure where I am going wrong. It seems as though the variabe I want to change (a) does not. The problem is 4 sets of differentials, and the aim is to minimise the value a (which is a feedrate) to minimise a cost function...
  9. A

    what is running yield?

    Suppose an investor who pays £120 on 15 July 2007 for £100 nominal of a six-year stock with half-yearly coupon payments of 13% pa and is not subject to tax. The stock is redeemable at par. Calculate the running yield? I understood entire question but what actually is running yield?
  10. S

    Length of time for Mathematica to finish "running"

    Hello all, I am new to mathematica. I was just wondering in general how long it should take mathematica to solve something. I have a massive system of equations and it just says "running" forever. My question is, if it takes a long time (>45 minutes) can I safely say its stuck in a loop and...
  11. V

    running problem

    An athlete runs 12 laps on a 400m running track every day for two weeks. How many kilometres does she run in total? i got 5.60km
  12. Critter314

    Some problems here ( Im running out of time )

    the object is affected by force which is accelerating it. If it affects object by time t the object will move by distance of s = 2t^2 What is the average speed between 2 and 3 seconds? For function y = f(x) is f(3) = 2 and f'(3) = -1 what is it? I will post other problems here if I got...
  13. K

    Running Through Positive Divisors

    Hi there! This is my first post! I am confused over what is means to run through the divisors. The question is: Show that if n>0, then as d runs through the positive divisors of n, so does n/d. Thanks for your help!
  14. T

    running water

    a 2.5 metre water tank takes 8 hours to fill 60cms, it loses 20cms per nightit rises by 40cms a day what day will it overflow
  15. M

    Shrink an equation that is running off the page

    Is there anyway someone can explain to me how to get this matrix to fit on one page? here is the code i am using and attached is an image of how it is compiling. thanks in advance \begin{eqnarray} \[\delta(x,y,z,\sigma,\xi, \zeta) & = & \frac{1}{(x-\sigma)(y-\xi)(z-\zeta)} \times \\ &&...
  16. O

    related rates, water running into trough

    Water is running into a trough at rate 2 ft^3 / min. The cross section of the trough is an isosceles trapezoid with two bases 5 ft and 11 ft and a height of 4 ft. The length of the trough is 20 ft. How fast is the water level rising one hour later? so i have the equation V = (1/2) h (b1 + b2)...
  17. M

    Running Track

    Jason can run 7 3/7 miles in one hour. How long will it be take Jason to run nine laps on the schools 402 mile track?
  18. Jonboy

    Speed of Cars while running toward them

    If a car is coming directly toward me going 35 mph, and I am running 6 mph towards it, what speed from the observer in the car will it look like I am going? This is not homework. I am reading a book on Einstein and his theory of relativity has caused me to think of this.
  19. A

    Running laps

    Dionne is running clockwise. She can run around a circular track in 120 seconds. Basha, running counter-clockwise, meets Dionne every 48 seconds. Sandra runs clockwise and passes Basha every 240 seconds. How often does Sandra meet Dionne in 10 minutes? I feel like I'm going in circles...