1. L

    What is the expectation for the $1 bets on a U.S. roulette wheel?

    What is the expectation for the $1 bets on a U.S. roulette wheel for a three-number bet? I'm supposed to use this figure to answer the problem: I'm stuck on how to work this problem out. Do I just count each row of three numbers as 1 bet? So there are 12 rows of three numbers and you have the...
  2. A

    Word Problem: Three Roulette tables. Any and all help appreciated.

    I’d appreciate if someone could give solving this problem a go. The best analogy I could come up with was using Roulette tables. I’m not sure if the problem even has a solution. Imagine that there are 3 roulette tables side by side. All three are spun simultaneously. You can bet on all three...
  3. ssadi

    roulette number repeat...two workings dif answers..1wrong-why?

    Hi, Suppose a roulette (with 38 numbers) is spun 12 times, and the probability of any number repeated is required. So: Working 1: 38C1*12C2*(1/38)^2*(37/38)^ a value greater than 1 so obviously wrong. (success occuring twice for a single number, then accounting for 38 separate...
  4. S

    Expected Loss for American Roulette

    Hey everyone! So I'm getting a bit stuck when it comes to calculating expected loss for American Roulette (38 spots: 18 are red (odd numbers between 1 and 35), 18 are black (even numbers between 1 and 36), and 2 spots are green (one is 0 and the other is 00)). For example, I understand that If...
  5. E

    Generalized Roulette of Two Parabolas (Cissoid)

    Hello, I am trying to get the generalized form of the cissoid traced at the vertex by the roulette curve of two identical parabolas, starting with the general form y= ax^2+bx+c. (note identical, so a,b,c is the same for both parabolas). I have the generalized roulette of the fixed function...
  6. R

    How to Win at Roulette

    Tips on How to Win at Roulette 1. Roulette Basics Understanding the prerequisites of the game is very crucial. As such, take time to learn the basics of the game and put more emphasis on the different payouts. For instance, the odds in a roulette game differ depending on the type of bet you...
  7. G

    The holy grail or a dream?

    Hi guys, I am totally new at this forum and I hope somebody can help me. I have been studying the roulette for many years (developing and testing systems only as I do not like to gamble or to play at all, just interested in the odds and statistics). In all cases so far I have been able to...
  8. S

    Martingale Betting System- expected value

    Hi, I have been learning/experimenting with the Martingale betting system recently. I have read a lot about how no "system" works for betting in casinos. However, I want to either prove or disprove the validity of the system by looking at its expected value/payout. I will be using the game of...
  9. J

    Doubling a roulette bet

    A very simple question has me very confused.. Assume that a roulette table has 38 numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 ..., 35, 36. 0 & 00 are green, and the remaining numbers are split evenly between red and black. If a player bets black, the odds of winning and doubling his money is 18/38 = 0.473%...
  10. F

    Roulette Math Question

    Quick math Q, wanna make sure I have this right. The odds of one column + green 13/37 (.351351) hitting 4 times in a row .351351^4 = 1.5%? So every 200 spins on the roulette wheel will have two streaks of at least 4? Thanks in advance for your help
  11. K

    Roulette Problem

    Playing roulette in a casino, you bet $5 on the number 8. If 8 occurs, you win $175 and get your $5 back. If 8 does not occur, you lose your $5 bet. a) What is your expected gain for this game? b) What is the house percentage? The Roulette has 38 numbers.
  12. A

    Inverse Roulette Curve

    I have a curve which looks very similar to a hypotrochoid, but it is not quite equal to one. I'm able to generate values for this curve, but I would like to represent it as a roulette curve. I believe that it may be possible to represent this curve as a roulette that is generated by rolling...
  13. A

    Beating the game of roulette with standard deviation?

    Hi guys! I just read recently a very interesting pdf talking and actually explaining how it could be possible of beating the game of roulette with the use of standard deviation. Now I now many of you must be like: Here is another one that cannot accept the fact that the house always WINS!! I'm...
  14. M

    Expected Value and Roulette

    2) A roulette wheel has 38 slots. 36 of them are the numbers 1 - 36. The remaining 2 are "0" and "00". You can bet on a single number and if the ball lands on your number you win 35 chips plus the chip you bet. a. If each chip is worth $1, what is the expected value for a player who bets the...
  15. T


    Suppose you bet a dollar on red, 25 times in a row, at roulette. Each time you win a dollar with probability 18/38, lose with probability 20/38. Find, approximately, the chance that after 25 bets you have at least as much money as you started with. I'm not sure how you're supposed to set this...
  16. P

    Expected Value question / Roulette scenario

    Hello, I am trying to explain to someone mathematically why this roulette strategy is a poor idea. It has been a while since I have calculated more than the simplest probability problems, but I was thinking that demonstrating that this has negative expected value is a way to show that it's a...
  17. B

    roulette win probability

    In the game of roulette the probability of winning is 18/37. Suppose that in each game a player earns 1 lira or loses 1 lira. (a) (5 pts) How many games must be played in a casino in order that the casino earns, with probability 1/2, at least 1000 liras daily? (b) (5 pts) Find the...
  18. E

    The Best I have seen in 20 years in the business.

    Please find the flaw... The system deals with unequal distribution. Out of 38 consecutive spins. What do you think the odds are of all numbers on a roulette layout hitting, one time each, and everyone of them hitting, missing no numbers? Not going to happen! So then usually you will have some...
  19. J

    Casino Roulette etiquette

    Hi friends, Just a few days back I have started playing the game. To get more information on roulette I have been going through several articles. Recently I found something on roulette etiquette. Its really interesting. Just take a look. The king of all casino games is craps or roulette which...
  20. M

    Roulette question

    I need your help with this...and remember i'm pretty stupid. A roullette wheel (with 37 segments) is spun 5000 times. On average each number (0-36) will be hit 135 times (5000/37) How do I draw a graph showing the expected distribution of hits after 5000 spins (cos obviously not all numbers...