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    Probability of a roll of the dice

    The following question came up on a practice exam and I am having trouble understanding the formulation to solve the problem. A) Calculate the possibility of throwing six 6’s in six throws with an unbiased die. B) Calculate the possibility of throwing a 6 exactly once in six throws with...
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    Roll Dice Probability Pt 2

    Could you please help me with the following question? Two fair dice are rolled, 1 Red and 1 Green. Find the probability that the square of the difference of the two numbers obtained is greater than 3. Thank you for your help!!!
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    Roll Dice-Prob. 1 Greater Than Other

    Could you please help me with the following question? Two fair dice are rolled, 1 Red and 1 Green. Find the probability that the number on the green die is greater than the number on the red die. Thank you for your help!!!
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    Roll frequency with chance of additional rolls

    I hope the topic makes sense... I'm not well grounded in statistics. Consider a set of m rolls with a chance p of rolling 1 and q of rolling 0. On a roll of 1, there is an additional chance that you will gain an additional roll, up to a total of n rolls. What are the individual probabilities of...
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    Probability for dice roll outcomes

    A fair white die has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 printed on its 6 faces, and a fair red die has 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 printed on its 6 faces. (b) The white die is rolled once and the red die is rolled twice. Use the event composition method to find the (single) probability that the number coming up on the...
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    roll theorem prove question..

    question : suppose that to the quadratic equation x^2+px+q=0 has two roots x_1<x_2 prove that for \frac{\mathrm{d^n} }{\mathrm{d} x^n}[(x^2+px+q)^n]=0 there are n different roots on the interval (x1,x2) ?? the prove: by rolls theorem we have a point "c" on the interval of (x1,x2) for which...
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    roll theorem question..

    i am given that \frac{{a_0 }}{{n + 1}} + \frac{{a_1 }}{n} + \frac{{a_2 }}{{n - 1}} + .. + a_n = 0 \\ prove that there is a solution for 0<x<1 using roll theorem a_0 x^n + a_1 x^{n - 1} + .. + a_n = 0 \\
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    probability die roll

    Brendalee and Mohammed go to a coffee shop during their lunch break and toss a coin to see who will pay. The probability that Brendalee will pay three days in a row?
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    how to find roll, pitch yaw....

    given an x,y,z position for the end of an robot arm(end effector), is there any way to find the roll, pitch and yaw for it...Given access to entire history of x-y-z positions. I'll be using IK then to evaluate whether these values are possible or not. All I need to find is just some 'correct'...
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    [SOLVED] probability for dice roll

    question: we toss a die twice in a row a- what is the probability we get a double 4? b- what is the probability we get a 3 first then a 4? i came up with: a- 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/36 b- 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/36 can someone confirm this?
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    Dice Roll

    Hey. In this situation I'm wanting to find out what the odds are of me rolling a +4 and +5. Also the odds of me rolling just a +4 or just a +5. I'm rolling a six sided die and it can be rolled any number of times until the rolls add up to 12 or more(a bust). Example of a roll: I roll a 3...
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    roll a die

    Help! If I roll a die 8 times...I'd like to know the probability of getting an odd number. a) exactly 3 times. b) at least 7 times. c) at most 6 times. using the formula: nCr (p)^r (1-p)^n-r (I couln't figure out how to superscript the appropriate letters. I'm hoping whoever can...
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    Measuring a spirally wound roll, Archimedes?

    OK not technically homework & more work related idiot help please folks. Used to be rather good at maths in my youth but having a moment of ignorance now i actually have a practical use for it. Basically i'm trying to construct a decent formula to calculate how much material there will be...
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    roll of the die

    Even number = that number is added to your score Odd number = that number subtracted from your score What is the expected value of a single roll of the die, and how is it calculated?
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    Roll of the Dice

    If I roll two dice what is the most common combined role?