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    Right-angled triangle vertices = parallelogram

    Hello, The question asks us to draw a triangle ABC. It then asks us to construct a right-angle isosceles triangle with Hypotenuse AB and its 3rd vertex, R, lying entirely inside the triangle ABC. It then asks us to construct an isosceles right-angle triangle with hypotenuse BC lying entirely...
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    NON right-angled triangles - Quick pic

    Hi there everyone I'm no genius in maths but do like to share something I've been struggling with at school. This pic just gave me clarity on non right-angled triangles. (Other words any other type of triangle then.) Hope this helps someone. (Cool)
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    Right-Angled Triangles...

    Hi, I have posted here because I need some assistance with a trigonometry problem. I have found out that the answer is 11.2 to one decimal place but I can not work out how to do it. The problem: http://i42.tinypic.com/1217mgg.jpg Thank you.
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    Proving a triangle is right-angled.

    Show that the triangle with vertices P(1,2,2), Q(7,-1,-1) and R(3,0,8) is right-angled. My notes tell me that a triangle is only right angled if p.q = 0, but p.q = -11, p.r = 19, q.r = -29. I also tried to find out the individual angles and I got PQ = 120, PR = 42, QR= 118. Am I making an...
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    use vectors to find if triangle is rightangled

    question:Use vectors to decide whether the triangle with vertices P(1, -3, -2), Q(2, 0, -4), and R(6, -2, -5) is right angled. answer:yes work:I got the vectors PQ=(1,3,-2) PR=(5,1,-3) QR=(4,-2,-1) so this is wrong because when I do the dot product with any combination of these points I don't...
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    Equation of Circle from right-angled triangle

    The point D, E and F have coordinates (-2,0), (0,-1) and (2,3) respectively. i) gradient of DE = -0.5 ii) 0.5x+y-4=0 line F parallel to DE iii) by calculating the gradient of EF, show that DEF is a right-angled triangle. iv) calculate the length of DF. v) Use the results of parts(iii) and (iv...
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    Right-Angled Trigonometry

    I attached a file with this post see it for the questions
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    math help.. a right-angled triangle

    If a triangle has vertices P (6, 7), Q(2 -1) and R(-2, 1) How do I use the slopes of the sides to show that it is right angled?
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    right-angled A triangle has two acute angles, A and B. Show that the triangle is right-angled if, and only if, (sinA)^2 + (sinB )^2=sin(A + B).