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    will return to Ravens vs Steelers Live Stream Thursday Night Football Live Stream
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    How to Calculate Annual Return for a Portfolio

    Hello All, This is my first post to the forum and I am looking forward to being a member of the community. I have been struggling with the proper way to calculate the annual return figure for the entire portfolio of houses my company owned and sold. I have attached the portfolio and relevant...
  3. A

    Descriptive Statistics - higher level of risk/higher level of average return - urgent

    I have heaps of these questions to do, so please explain your answer as thoroughly as possible so I can carry on the knowledge to the rest. Thank you. Questions below are related to this data set: 1) Which type of 1-year investment (4-star rated or 3-star rated managed funds) appears to...
  4. G

    Cipher | The true worth and rate of return of any investment

    I been analyzing investments over the past 8 years They took it all away from me for their own gains But they didn't realize what I have not made public yet No matter how much money you make from an investment even one where you spent a single dollar and received a billion dollars in a years...
  5. O

    Very complex return on investment problem to solve

    In non mathematical terms here is the problem. I have clients who ask me to review their current investment or pension portfolios. The inputs I usually receive are the dates of lump sums invested and the amounts, then the dates of regular monthly sums invested, their respective dates and...
  6. S

    annual rate of return?

    Mussina Company had an investment which cost $260,000 and had a salvage value at the end of its useful life of zero. If Mussina's expected annual net income is $15,000, the annual rate of return is: Question 4 options: 11.5% 15% 5.8% 9.8% Save Question 5 (1 point) Colaw...
  7. N

    Determine impact of variables on rate of return

    Let's say I have a base case situation where I expect a certain return, say 50/100 = 50% Now I change a variable in my model and it adds 10 to both the numerator and the denominator, so 60/110 or 54.5% In that example I can obviously tell that the variable improved my return by 4.5%. Simple...
  8. N

    Internal rate of return

    Hi, If you want to calculate the internal rate of return (IRR), how do you isolate r ? Like for example 4000 = 1200 / (1+r)^1 + 1410 / (1+r)^2 + 1875 / (1+r)^3 + 1050 / (1+r)^4 Do you have to use the secant method, or is there another way to do it ?
  9. L

    Solving for a Constant Return to arrive at fixed end value

    Hi I am working on putting together an excel formula that will allow me produce the correct constant return number which will allow me to reach a fixed end value. I have a fixed spending stream & beginning value and want to figure out what constant return will get me to my prespecified end...
  10. H

    return on investment if initial investment not counted

    This is probably SO obvious I'm not seeing it, like all the times I'm looking for my sunglasses and they're on my head. I know how to figure return on investment and IRR if I have a starting amount, and it grows or shrinks. but what about when I make an investment in a heating system. I assume...
  11. Y

    My return to the wonderful world of maths.

    Hello Community, I am 47 and have worked as a salesman for the past 22 years. However I have been an IT enthusiast for about 4 years working with Linux. Dabbling with programming has brought me back in touch with mathematics, as the course I am following frequently uses algebra. This has...
  12. A

    How to find the required rate of return for a coupon bond?

    Given the present value, coupon rate, face value, and term of a coupon bond, is there any easy way of finding the required rate of return without guessing or using a computer to find it for you? Here is an example: I am given that the present value of the bond is $105.35, the coupons are paid...
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    Formula to always return a desired number

    Hi all I did read the notice about posting in the correct forum though I'm still not sure im in the right place so I do apologise if I am. I run CNC machines and also program them. What I'm trying to find is a formula that will always return a desired number with one variable put into the...
  14. codekiddy

    How to calculate Expected return for a series of probabilities.

    Hello, This is about roulette project on which I am working for a while and can't figure out a formula: the original table which describes this problem visualy is located at this Martingale: double after every loss system At the end of this table are general formulas, but my problem are last 3...
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    Return to risk ratio probability question

    Hello All, I hope i've posted this in the right area as it seems to be a probability / stats question based on optimisation. Whilst i don't have a full question (this is something i curious about) it would be a great help if you could provide me with a walk through for the basic example...
  16. F

    Stress return mapping algorithm

    Dear all, Firstly, I'm a new member, so if this problem is not posted in the right part of forum I hope that it will only be moved to right part and not deleted. I'm having some problem with programming loop in mathematica. I'm working on an plasticity algorithm which has to be updated for...
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    Minimum attractive rate of return problem (MARR)

    Hell everyone, Im having some trouble with the following problem: I understand that minimal attractive rate of return is always greater then the cost of capital. What i do not follow in this question is the part where the capital funds are used to fund 25% of all capital...
  18. K

    [K-means algorithm] why different initial center(mean) return different final result

    I am studying the K-means algorithm. I do not understand why different initial center(centroid/mean) of the clusters influence on the final clustering result? Could anybody please kindly explain? Thanks!
  19. G

    Return time for a string

    Hi I am struggling with the second part of this problem. It reads this way: A particle P of mass 0.8kg is attached to one end of a light elastic string of natural length 1.6m and modulus of elasticity 20N. The other end of the string is fixed to a point O on the smooth horizontal surface on...
  20. P

    Present Value of Cash Streams-Rent Payment-Rate of Return

    Hi, here is the scenario we have regarding our rent we pay for our business office. Normally, rent is $2,300/month, paid on the 1st of the month. Our landlord has offered to give us a 7% discount if we pre-pay. That means rent is $2,139/month. We are considering pre-paying rent for 6...