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    Req. Help with Fractional Exponent Problem

    Please tell me what I did wrong. This is a question from my review packet. The answer says it should be 2 with exponent 3/2 My attempt gives me this:
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    [Req] Curve Fitting Using Excel (explained better with attachment)

    Hi All, Apologies for a duplication of thread as I needed to explain my query better by use of an attachment. In the attachment, you’ll see a stock’s price over 3 consecutive days in yellow (C5:E5). In grey (C9:E9) you’ll see formulae for an equation of a curve. In light orange (C7:E7)...
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    [Req] Curve Fitting using Excel

    [In short, how do I calculate accurate meaningful values for A,B and C when fitting a curve to real data using excel?] Hi All, Just a business math excel problem that I would appreciate some help with. To explain my query, I have 3 seperate figures on an excel sheet which I want to curve fit...