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    isomorphism class representative

    Why isn't the set {Mmxn|m, n ℕ }of isomorphism class representative? ( Mmxn= set of matrices) Thanks in advance
  2. N

    Which representative of the antiderivative class is used for the area?

    In rigorously defining the antiderivative as an operator from a function to a class of functions (hence the infamous +C), and then using a representative from the ensuing antiderivative aka integral to calculate area, the question arises as to which representative from the class should be used...
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    Calculating the representative APR on a credit card.

    Hi all, I am trying to calculate the representative APR on the Sainsburys gold credit card. The numbers and percentage rates are based on the ones given in the terms, see the spreadsheet. Here is a shared Google spreadsheet with my formulas in them, you can edit it...
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    Representative Sample

    Hi! I need to optimize a model with 5 variables each of which cam be any valye from 1 to 20. The solution space, therefore, contains 3,200,000 combinations. I have a software which can give out a random sampling of this solution space. I need to know how many combinations can be considered as a...
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    Representative word problem

    Yoshi's gade will be attending a brand new school next year. Studenta who will be attending the school are going to vote on the mascot for the school. To predict which mascot students will choose, Yoshi asks all of the students at her lunch table for their preferences. Is this representative...