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    Polynomial Question Related

    g(x) =(10x-2.2) /(10x-4.84) ^2 1. Find the increasing and decreasing point. 2. Find the concave downward and concave upward. 3. There is an inflection point when x=? Been struggling with this question a while. Thankyou for looking over!
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    I need help with this Related Rates problem

    A plane flying with a constant speed of 14 km/min passes over a ground radar station at an altitude of 14 km and climbs at an angle of 50 degrees. At what rate is the distance from the plane to the radar station increasing 2 minutes later? I tried this dozens of times someone please help
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    A problem related to functions

    Problem -> Let f(\frac{x+y}{2}) = \frac{f(x)+f(y)}{2} for all real x and y. If f'(0) exists and equals -1 and f(0) = 1, find f(2). My attempt: On putting y=0 f(\frac{x}{2}) = \frac{f(x)+f(0)}{2} 2f(\frac{x}{2}) = 1 + f(x) Differentiating both sides f'(\frac{x}{2}) = f'(x) On putting y= -x...
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    Spherical Tank Filling / Related Rates Problem

    Hi I get to know this forum lately and this is my first thread:) # Water is being pumped into a spherical tank of radius 60 feet at the constant rate of 10 ft^3/s . a. Find the rate at which the radius of the top level of water in the tank changes when the tank is half full. b...
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    Need help with differentiation of a related rate type problem.

    Here is the problem: z(x,y) = (x - y) 1) R(x,y) = { (1/y - 1) / (1/x - 1) } 2) T(x,y) = { log(1 - x) / log(1 - y) } I need to find dT/dz & dR/dz Not sure how to do this given that z is a function of x and y I tried...
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    Calculus Related Rates

    Hello, I am a calculus math student and I have a math problem I do not know the answer to. I find related rates problems especially difficult. Here goes: If a square has a diagonal that is increasing at a rate of 1 inch/second then at what rate is the area increasing when each side is 13 inches...
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    Help with the formal proofs related to induction

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone can show me formal proofs to this exsercises. I got stuck and I really don't know how to write a formal proof of this. So if someone can help with this I'd be greatful! Thanks :)
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    Related Rates Applications

    I plan to post several related rates problems in the next couple of days. I need help setting up the proper equation needed to find the answer.
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    Related Rates Question

    Hello, new to this forum and giving it a try. I have been working on this problem for awhile now. I have got Parts A and B. But struggling with C and D can someone tell me how to do C and D? See the picture below:
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    related rates of change

    is there anyone who can help me to solve this?
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    Please help me with Calculus related rates word problem

    Hi experts, I have a calculus related rates problem that is described below. A small image with drawing of the problem "#27 Construction" is also attached for reference. It is a construction problem and here is the word problem: A winch at the top of a 12-meter building pulls a pipe of the...
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    Related Rates - PLEASE HELP!

    At noon, ship A passes the point P that is 8 km west of a harbour, heading due south at 10 km/h. At 9 a.m., ship B had left the harbour, sailing due south at 4 km/h. I got part 1, which is the expression for dA, the distance between ship A and the point P, in terms of t, the number of hours...
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    Related Rates?

  14. S

    Please solve this LCM related problem.

    Sum of two integers is 56 & LCM of those two integers is 96. Find out the numbers.
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    Please Help (College Algebra Related)

    The problem calls for me to obtain information about a function from its graph. Unfortunately, I keep picking the wrong x-values across the board, therefore, leading to me now getting past the first two problems. Can someone please help me!! Please see problem attached.
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    Looking for a proof related to one of the characteristic polynomial coefficients

    Hi. Given the characteristic polynomial P_A(\lambda)=\sum_{k=0}^{n}a_k\lambda^k of a matrix A\in \mathbb{R}^{n\times n}, it is easy to see why |A|=a_0 (A's determinant is the zero'th coefficient),but why is a_{n-1} in particular is A's trace? that's just plain weird. I looked online for a proof...
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    integral related a spectral family

    Hello, how to define an integral from a spectral family? for Riemann integral, we fix an epsilon, we use upper sums, lower sums, a partition, etc.... then we proof that this integral is independent for the choice of this partition and this epsilon , but here what is the main idea? how is it...
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    Are related rates hard?

    I kinda scared of related rates because i heard it's very hard. Any suggestions or advice to help me understand and finish my homework easily?
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    Related Rates and Ferris Wheel

    Help me solve this!!! I need to find dθ/dt when t is 40s which is equal to 2/3 .
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    Related Rates

    Please refer to the image. My question is in blue ink.