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    Regression Model in Excel

    Hi Guys! I am trying to create a prediction model in excel for Dancing with the Stars. What I am trying to do is predict a future contestants score based on historical outcomes using the contestants age, occupation, dance type and past scores. Can anyone please help me create a prediction model...
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    other forms of non-linear regression equations

    Hello , I have 4 predictor variables X1,X2,X3,X4 and one response variable Y . I need some non-linear regression equations for these variables . For example one of these equations is : Y=a1.(X1^a2).(X2^a3).(X3^a4).(X4^a5) I looking for other forms ........... Thanks
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    Given four different data sets, a student calculates the quadratic regression as well

    Given four different data sets, a student calculates the quadratic regression as well as the R^2 value for each using a TI-83. Which of these result models its respective data the best? Set A: a = 1.23 b = -3.27 c = 7.83 R^2 = 0.87394 Set B: a = -3.745 b = 9.524 c = 12.105...
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    simple linear regression with zero variables

    Simulate a simple random sample y1,y2,…,y8 of size 8 from an NID(50,102) distribution. Compute the least squares fit to the model y∼β1+ε. Repeat at least 500 times. Compare the simulated values of β̂ 1 to the underlying NID(50,102) distribution in terms of (1) location, (2) spread, and (3) shape.
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    Stepwise Logit Regression - Drop of variables

    Dear All, I have a small question I hope you could help me with. I am trying to find a predictive model for a dataset doing a stepwise logit regression. I have a few variables with info that is included in another variable. E.g. "income" (0-9 with 0=income is missing) and "income missing"...
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    Gradient of Multiple Linear Regression – Vectorized Version of ALS Update Formulas

    Based on the attached image, how do we differentiate/get the gradient of the cost function \min\limits_{x\geq0}||y-\bar{A}x||^2_2? Refer to the attached image for the exact update rule function for both Matrices.
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    Homework question regarding data into regression model chart? Please help!

    This is a tough question and I'm just looking for help in it. The questions reads: There are two large data files from different but partnering systems (example: United Airlines & Delta) and asked to create one data file that can be used to create a regression model for analysis. What steps...
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    How to use Likert Scale data in regression analysis?

    My knowledge about statistics is elementary and I would really appreciate some help or suggestions in solving my current problem. I am doing a dissertation and I will collect the data using a likert scale. My question is can I use that likert scale data to run a regression analysis to find out...
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    A criterion to show regression and progression

    Hi. this is my first post here and please excuse me if it's not formed well. Imagine you have a set of numbers. For example your scores on a course tests. Of course if there will be just a few of them you can easily decide whether you're progressing or not. But if there will be lot's of them...
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    Self-designed objective for multiple linear regression

    A multiple linear regression is to use several predictor variables to predict the outcome of a response variable, like the following relationship: $y_{i}=\beta_{1}x_{i1}+...+\beta_{p}x_{ip}+$ $\epsilon_{i}$, $i=1,...,n$ I understand the typical objective to learn the $\beta$ paramters is...
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    logistic regression for customer data

    Hey guys, i'm supposed to build a logistic model, but i'm not quite sure how to begin. i have two data sets. One for the customers( all demographics like age, gender) and one with all there transactions( so one customer can be in that data set multiple times, e.g. date of purchase, amount...
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    Linear Regression Question.

    I have 4 sets of (x,y) data. I need to do a complete linear regression on each set. The question reads: Perform a complete linear regression analysis for each of the 4 sets. Each set will have the same linear regression fit, but do they have the same statistical significance of the slope and...
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    regression of line

    Regression in general one variable depends on other like x=4+3y and y=3+4x. This both quation are depend on each other. The correlation co -efficient have some value between -1 to +1 excluding zero. Having correlation coefficient 0 ,does the lines of regression parallel to each other ?.If that...
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    Least Squares Regression Line

    Find the least squares regression line for the points (0,4), (4,1), (5, -2), (8, -6) and (10, -7). Round numerical values in your answer to two decimal places. In the formula I am given, as far as I can tell, I am only able to use four points. How do I determine which points to use. If I am...
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    Trying to understand the basics of a mixed-effects logistic regression model for a 10

    Hello all, I am trying understand how to correctly build a mixed-effects logistic regression model in R. I believe my model is pretty simple and straight forward but I'm lacking in experience and uncertain I'm doing it correctly. Not being a statistician and struggling with stats, the specifics...
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    I am trying to solve the following problem, please guide me Suppose an experimenter intends to do a regression analysis by taking a total of 2n data points, where the xi ’s are restricted to the interval [0, 5]. If the xyrelationship is assumed to be linear and if the objective is to estimate...
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    Log-Log linear regression

    Hello, I have run a regression, and due to potential heteroscedasicity issues have transformed the dependent and independent variables by the natural logarithm. E.g. Y = loge (y), x1=loge(x1), x2=loge(x2). These variables where then changed into change variables. After running the regression...
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    Curvelinear regression question

    Hi I want to apply some formula to x,y data, I am working from this text Handbook of Biological Statistics: Polynomial regression and I would appreciate some help. I know how to calculate y using the first linear equation Y=a+bX but I am confused about the quadratic one Y=a+b1X+b2X2 Do I...
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    Cross-effect of two 'independant' variables - hedonic regression model (real estate)

    Hi MHF, First post here (apart from my welcome post). I apologise if i have missed something basic here, I am not from a stats background, but am studying real estate.I have done a search here but nothing seems to address my precise issues. Any contributions would really be much appreciated...
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    Regression of some sort

    I had tried to solve this problem by using excel and when I carried out a simple check to see if the formula worked well I could not get it to work. Here is the problem in lay terms. I run financial illustrations for my clients and obtain the figures from a number of life companies. The...