1. D

    The Real Line Example Problem With Solution - Still Confused

    Example 6 I'm confused as to how they got x<1, 1<x<3, 3<x<5, and X>5. I understand coming to the final answer and setting up a sign chart, but I have no idea how looking at the question and taking the three factors and coming up with the regions from only that bit of information. Please help...
  2. G

    Post subject: Sorting n real numbers in O(n), number of digits is O(1)

    I need to explain how to modify radix sort, in order to sort n real numbers, when every number has O(1) digits. General and short description is enough. I thought of making the numbers to have same number of digits left and right to the decimal point, then sort with radix sort only the negative...
  3. G

    Finding k value such that it has one real root?

    Hi guys sorry for posting so much as of late, its just that i saved all my work for the weekend. So the problem states Find K such that y=x^2+kx-x+k+2 has exactly one real root here is what i did: 1)1 real root b^2-4ac=0 with the discriminent set to 0 i went about looking what my a b c...
  4. K

    [CALC 1]: Find a set of real numbers a, b, and c for which this piecewise-defined....

    Find a set of real numbers a, b, and c for which this piecewise-defined function is (everywhere) differentiable: f(x)= tan-1x, x≤ 0 f(x)= ax2 + bx + c, 0 < x < 2 f(x)= x3- 1/4x2 + 5, x ≥ 2 so i plugged in x for the numbers and got: tan-1(0)= 0 a(0)2 + b(0) + c = 0 a(2)2 + b(2) + c= 4a+2b+0...
  5. N

    Quuadratics whose real, irrational roots are NOT conjugate pairs

    Quadratics whose real, irrational roots are NOT conjugate pairs Please bear with me as I'm not sure how to articulate this question succinctly. Often, when quadratic equations have real, irrational roots, they occur in conjugate pairs, but not always. (Contrast this with imaginary roots that...
  6. Y

    How to prove all the eigenvalues of real skew matrix are pure imaginary number?

    Dear all I want to prove all the eigenvalues of real skew matrix are pure imaginary numbers and also if lambda is eigenvalue then its conjugation is also the eigenvalue of Skew matrix. Thank you so much!
  7. G

    Help: Real analysis and Bounded/ divergent/ monotonic sequences.

    Hi! I'm Gabriel. I'm from Honduras. I need to give an example of a sequence with the following characteristics: 1 - Monotonic and divergent. 2 - Bounded and divergent. 3 - It must have two subsequences converging to different numbers. I'm taking Real Analysis in the University. Thank you...
  8. N

    (x-1)(x-2)(x-3)(x-4)=15, solve for real values of x

    I try expanding it and end up in a fourth degree polynomial. The answer is given as (X +- √21)/2.Please help me
  9. D

    Real Analysis Help!

    Need help on this can I use the definition of inf to prove this without using the square root of 3. Thanks!
  10. S

    Having some real issues

    Hi there. Got some questions based on probability. Now i've given this a try on all the Q's i can but using the binomial equations etc my answers just seam wrong like a mean of 1 for Q2 I dont want all the Q's answered i'm more looking for help in understanding Q2-4. You have a disk which...
  11. S

    Worst Nightmares Ever Happen Real

    Worst Nightmares Ever Happen Real Ravens vs Steelers Live Stream Thursday Night Football Live Stream
  12. M

    Show Isomorphism Between Set Real Numbers

    Problem: Show that (R1, +1) is isomorphic to (Rc, +c) for any c > 0 by defining an explicit function ∅: R1 --> Rc and showing that it is an isomorphism. (Hints: 1 is not in R1, but if it were, what would ∅(1) be? What must ∅(0) be?) I know what are the requirements to prove the...
  13. J

    How do I multiply a number to the power of a real number

    Sorry . I do not know where to post my question. How do I multiply say 5 to the power of pi (or any real number) Thank you.
  14. M

    Need help with this (inverse function, proving, real / non-real numbers)

    i) Let x be any nonnegative number. By considering an appropriate function, explain briefly that sqrt(x) is a real number. ii) Let a and b be nonnegative numbers. Use i) to explain why (sqrt(a)-sqrt(b))^2 is greater than or equal to 0 iii) Hence deduce that if a and b are nonnegative...
  15. rjg247

    Which expression is defined for all real numbers?

    Which expression is defined for all real numbers? Please explain why the choice that you chose is correct. Choice 1) x+3/x^2 Choice 2) 4/(x-2)^2 Choice 3) 5/(x+2)^2 Choice 4) 7/x^2+3
  16. S

    need help with real numbers question.

  17. N

    Confusing Real Solution problems

    So I have 2 questions on my homework that don't make sense 6.)I only got the solution -5 for this question but when i put it in it says it is wrong. It asks for all solutions 5(x + 5)1/2 − 6(x + 5)3/2 + (x + 5)5/2 = 0 7.) When i solved this one i got no Real solutions and it says that...
  18. Z

    Question 7.7 in measure theory on Radon measure from Folland's Real Analysis Second E

    Hello all I was presented with this question from Folland's real analysis second edition on Radon measures which I am stuck on and so would really appreciate the help on. I m a novice in Radon measures especially in the concepts and abstractions so any help would be appreciated. It is problem #7...
  19. Bernhard

    Real Algebraic Curves

    I am reading C. G. Gibson's book: Elementary Geometry of Algebraic Curves. I need some help with aspects of Example 1.4 The relevant text from Gibson's book is as follows: Question 1 In the above text, Gibson writes the following: " ... ... Then a brief calculation verifies that any...
  20. R

    Important Properties of Real Number

    There are many properties of real numbers. Can you provide a list of the most important properties of real numbers for a student preparating to take a regents test in NY State by the title Integrated Algebra?