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    Thales' theorem

    I could solve the first question but got stock in the second one. I have spent so many ours in solving the second one but with no luck. Please help. QUAD is a trapezoid. The non parallel sides [QD] and [UA] of the trapezoid are cut by a line parallel to the bases in B and C respectively. 1)...
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    Theory behind compound and double angle formulas

    Hi! I hope someone can help. I'm just trying to have a solid understanding of trig compound and double formulas. Let me provide an example: Sin2x = 2CosxSinx So in the example above, is the left-side and the right-side it's own function? It appears that they are two separate functions that...
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    Simpifying trigonometric expression

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm trying to simplify the following expression: Apparently the answer is -√3x which is nowhere close to where my steps are going above. I'm curious where I am wrong in my steps? Sincerely, Olivia
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    Calculating trig ratio

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I am calculating cos(45 - 60) on my calculator and I get ((square root of 6 + square root of 2)/4) The answer should actually be the following: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=cos(45+degrees+-+30+degrees) Why does my calculator produce a different answer...
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    Trigonometric ratios of compound angles

    I figured out the problem right after I made this post. Sorry everyone! Please go about your days normally.
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    Determining the radian value

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm working on question 6, and I have a few questions about it. For 6b - I thought that the solution would be pi/3, but the textbook solution is 11pi/6. Why am I wrong? For 6c - I don't see any special triangle relationship in this example, so I don't really...
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    Trigonometric Ratios

    Hi, I hope someone can help. The question that I'm working on is 3c: I currently see there being two methods towards solving this question. I need guidance on which method is the correct one, and explaining why this the correct method. Method 1 - I use my calculator. For example, sin(7pi/4)...
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    Reallocating percentages with respect to original ratios

    Hey All, I've found myself in a little bit of a math pickle that I could definitely use help in. I need to create a formula which is always true in a situation where several people hold different percentages of a certain sum. One of these people gives up their percentage and then their entire...
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    Finding Ratios and First Term of Geometric Sums

    Three integers x, y, and z (where x <= y <= z) form a geometric series with a common ratio r (which is also an integer). Given x + y + z = 741, what is the sum of all possible values of z? (Ans Key: 4870) I started doing some guess and check with my calculator and got z values of 247, 513, and...
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    Can anyone help me? I got two questions that I need help with Simplifying those as ratios 3.82 and 8.51 7864 and 31040
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    Ratios question

    Please help me with the below question. Thanks in advance. The debt to asset ratio of a company A is 3:11. All of as suddent, the receive a new contract (asset) worth $51,170 and their debt to asset ratio, as result, becomes 2:13. Determine the value of the asset of company A originally.
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    Ratios in a logistic situation

    I'm curious to see if percentages can be predicted based on ratios. Take an example. Say that, in a basketball league, the average team shooting percentage is 30%. Likewise, the average team shooting percentage that a team in the league allows is 30%. Now say that one team shoots 90% against...
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    A chemist wishes to make 12 1/2 liters of an acid solution by using water and acid into the ratio 3:2. How many liters of each should she use?
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    Averages and ratios

    A band has only junior and senior band members. To raise money for new band uniforms, the members sold candy. Candy sales averaged $50 for each junior and $40 for each senior. If the ratio of juniors to seniors in the band was 3:2, candy sales averaged how many dollars per band member? How...
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    Making two ratios equivalent

    Hi all I have this question The sum of three numbers is 98. The ratio of the first to second is 2:3 and that of second to third is 5:8, then the second number is? How do I get the ratio of the three numbers i.e. first : second: third Thanks
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    Videogame math (ratios, algebra)

    Hey guys, I think this problem belongs to advance algebra. I know it involves some sort of ratios. I'm trying to figure out the equation or formula to this. Let's say that one army attacks another army in a video game. Like, one country invading another country. Player 1 attacks with certain...
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    Trig. Ratios for Angles Greater than 90 degrees.

    1. State all the angles between 0 degrees and 360 degrees that make each equation true. d) tan135 = -tan______________ (there's a blank space here) So, I understand that you have to use the appropriate equation, but the textbook gives two answers in the book, while I only got one. Also, I don't...
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    Trig. Ratios

    9) Show that tan30 + 1/tan30 = 1/sin30cos30 So, for this I just subbed in the appropriate trig ratios and solved it to get 2.3, which is the same for both. However, the answer in the book has it as 4√3/3. I know this equals the same thing, but I'm not sure how to get it in that format...Could...
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    problem solving with trig ratios

    A tower 42 metres high stands on top of a hill. From a point some distance fromthe base of the hill, the angle of elevation to the top of the tower is 13.2◦ and theangle of elevation to the bottom of the tower is 8.3◦. Find the height of the hill.
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    Similar Triangle Ratios

    Hey Guys, I need help setting up question #24 So far I set it up as AD/AB = AE/AC I got 4/4+x = 18-x/18+x then I got x^2 - 14x -144 I don't know if this is correct yet.