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    How to evaluate total numbers lying between two in a set of linear permutations

    I am trying to evaluate the total numbers which are lying between 20450757870 & 87500752074 when all the 11-digit significant numbers, formed by permuting the digits 0, 0, 0, 2, 4, 5, 5, 7, 7, 7, 8 together, are arranged in decreasing order. your help is highly appreciated. thanks...
  2. J

    Are there any site that gives, all MATHEMATICS list journal RANKING by FACTOR IMPACT,

    Are there any site that gives, all MATHEMATICS list journals RANKING by FACTOR IMPACT, Thanks !
  3. Z

    How to check if there is a significant difference in ranking ?

    Hi ! How to compare the ranking of sports teams in a country and to check if men(m) or women(w) teams are higher in ranking ? For example, Team - Medals - Rank m - 120 - 1 w - 100 - 2 m - 90 - 3 w - 80 - 4 m - 80 - 3 From these examples, men achieved higher medals and ranking , but is...
  4. C

    Ranking Analysis Suggestions

    Relatively simple question, it's been a few years since I've done any proper statistics but I know the basics. I have done a survey and one of the questions In one of the questions I have asked people rank 8 things in order of preference. What Statistic tests could I use to analyse my data. Also...
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    Poker ranking system

    Hi all, I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with a problem we are having - hopefully this is the correct forum. We are developing new software which datamines online poker and presents the statistics in a useful way for customers. One of the "fun" features we would like to...
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    Ranking repeatable items

    Hi everyone, I have a question on some ranking problems. Suppose I have a list of search results from some documents with their scores. Doc #1 Paragraph 1 of 5: 1.2 Doc #1 Paragraph 2 of 5: 1.5 Doc #1 Paragraph 3 of 5: 1.6 Doc #1 Paragraph 4 of 5: 1.7 Doc #4 Paragraph 2 of 2: 1.8...
  7. U

    Ranking problem

    A class consists of 17 men and 14 women. An exam is given and students are ranked according to their performance. Assume no two students obtain the same score. If all rankings are considered equally likely, what is the probability that women receive the top 4 scores? I know that there would be...
  8. B

    SPSS - Friedman Test & Ranking Options

    I'm trying to perform a Friedman test for 3 conditions (nonparametric data). My results have 16 variables with 16 points to score (all of which must be used). Respondents can score 16 points against a single variable or 1 point against all 16 variables. The 3 conditions are past, present and...
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    What would be better than sorting by "Average Star Rating" ?

    Hi My client is looking for a ranking system for his products (which have been reviewed) that is more useful than "Average Star Rating". As he correctly points out, the problem with "Average Star Rating" is that a very low numbers of ratings it becomes totally unreliable. For example...
  10. D

    Looking for a Keyword ranking formula on a Data set in excel

    Hi, I am trying to do keyword comparison based on position ranking in a search pattern over time and create a predictor of a profitability index of which keyword and ad grouping will perform best over time, Here is the data that I am given: Last position ranked top position ranked...
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    compiling a simple ranking algorithm

    I'm needing help compiling a simple ranking algorithm. I have the following values: 1.) traffic rank: A site with a traffic ranking of 100,000 and above should be considered unreliable. The closer this value is to the number 1, the more reliable and more reach and traffic the site gets which...
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    Finding a ranking from list of values

    Hello, im creating a web based game where people can create a virtual character and battle vs another character. I have the code setup but i want a way to rank a character based on their stats and having trouble coming up with a way to give a rank to a character Stats are based on the following...
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    ranking teams for matrix

    Suppose there are four teams in a curling league. At the end of the season, the results are as follows: Team 1 beat teams 2 and 3, but lost to team 4. Team 2 beat team 3, but lost to teams 1 and 4. Team 3 beat team 4, but lost to teams 1 and 2. Team 4 beat teams 1 and 2, but lost to team...