1. N

    [QUICKY] Question solved but need to say what result implies

    I get solution to part A as W= K^3 but cannot see what this means for speed re part B Thanks!
  2. M

    Quicky question about using the Chain Rule

    I am curious as to how you would write the derivative when using the chain rule for longer polynomials? we learned how to do examples such as y = (5x + 1)^4 but I am stumped as to how you would write it when the example is per se, y = 2(2x + 4(3x + 2)^5 - 5x^2)^4 - 6x so for this example, i...
  3. D

    Exponential equation quicky?

    i have the equation below, for which i need to find b and c eventually , with e being the exponential 2(be6c – be4c) = be4c – be2c I'm really stuck on this... please help (Itwasntme) thanks
  4. E

    Quicky Question involving sets

    {a,b,c{a,b}} \ P(A) is the {a} in the power set = to the a in the left side of the equation, or should {a} and a be considered completely different objects? Thanks