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    Quick Eigenvalue/Eigenvector question

    Hello everyone, I'm doing a plane fitting problem and I've concluded that I'm going to do a singular value decomposition to find the parameters I need for my plane. I've been reading around and everyone is saying that once I have my U S and V' that the normal vector to my plane will be the...
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    quick question!!

    so i have a question on indices: (2^n)^3 = 8^3n can someone tell me if this is the correct Answer because in my answer page it says 2^3m if its not correct can someone teach me to get that answer?? thank you i hope i get a fast reply
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    need help with 2 quick exercise

    I know I should only post 1 ex , but you dont have to solve everything , I will appreciate any help ! .
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    Modular proof simple quick help

    If x ≅ y (mod n) and q ≅ z (mod n); then (x +q) ≅ (y + z) (mod n):, i know how to prove this, my question is if we wanted to prove it holds for (x + q) ≅ (y + z) (mod 2n): would this be true or false ?, if true how would i show it ? i know it should be simple but im confused.
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    Quick question about finding the marginal distribution

    Here There are two questions about finding the marginal distributions. The first problem has f(x,y) defined on 0<= x <= y <= 1 The second problem has f(x,y) defined on 0<= x <= 1 , 0 <= y <= 1 The first one is not separated by a comma, while the second problem's interval is separated by a...
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    Quick question about a normal probability distribution problem

    In part b, it asks to find the x value and we're given a percentage (5%). If you look at a normal table, 5% corresponds with a z-score of -1.645. Why is it that we need to convert the negative z-score of -1.645 to a positive when we plug it in the formula to solve for x? Using the negative...
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    Need fast help, any is appreciated c:

    Hi, I'm new and have a quick question. Using the a=(1/2)bh formula, how can i calculate the height if i don't know b, but I do know a = 30, or 15 with an exponent of 2. The base is height-1, but again, I don't know height or base ,h and b. Help?
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    Quick check - Log problem

    Review: Log problems [Ongoing] log3(y+2) = log3(y-7) + log34 log3(y+2) = log3[(4)(y-7)] y + 2 = 4y - 28 30 = 3y y = 10 Have I done this correctly?
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    F of x

    its been a while since ive done algebra, trying to help my son F(x)= x^2+4x and G(x)=2-x Problem is (F-G)(x) I wrote it x^2+4x-2-x, i think i got that right? However i simplify it and get x^2+3x-2, however the book says the answer is x^2+5x-2 Wouldnt +4x minus the x at the end be...
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    Just a Quick Question

    If I were to ask you to multiply 99 x 3. Would you do the calculation in your head? 99 x 3 = 97 Most everybody I asked would do the (head math) 300 – 3 = 97. I have no knowledge of algebra and asked a friend one night over many adult beverages if he could help me figure out the thought...
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    Quick question about the Integral Test

    Integral Test: After integrating and taking its limit, if the result is less than 1 then it converges, otherwise it diverges right?
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    Quick question about determining if a sequence diverges or converges

    Here they first used l'Hopital's Rule and then used the sandwich theorem. Could we stop with the l'Hopitals Rule and evaluate the limit as n approaches infinity, which would equal to 0. The same answer you would get if you use the sandwich theorem but it's more work.
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    Quick question

    I was going through some of my notes and found this. I forgot how I turned cos2(theta) into sin(2theta)/2. Is there some form of identity here?
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    Integration by parts quick question

    does it matter which expression you set to u and dv? If I were to switch both values will I get the wrong answer?
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    Need quick help with a math problem regarding food amounts.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, i dont even know what kind of math this question would fall under. Im pretty much math illiterate except for basic stuff learned in high school, so i apologize if this is an annoying question, but i would very much I need to work out how many carbohydrates...
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    quick question about the antiderivative of this trigonometric function

    Please click the image for my question. Thanks.
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    Lagrange Multiplier, quick basic question

    I've seen that the equation for the Lagrange multiplier differs slightly from site to site. Some of them list it as \bigtriangledown{f}=\lambda\bigtriangledown{g}, but then others add a negative sign to lambda. Does it matter? If not, can you explain why? If not, does that mean I will still...
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    Just a Quick Get-To-Know-Me

    I am a linguist, overachieving freak, exceptional mathematician, and master of the bass clarinet. I still attending High School, so if I seem incompetent, and am asking questions that are elementary to users on the forum, please explain it to me in a nice and critical way, as not to upset me and...
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    Quick Set Theory question

    Hello, thank you in advance for your help. I have a universe of 200 students. Set A has 57 physics students. Set B has 85 math students. Set C has 42 biology students. A Ç B is 30 students. B Ç C is 21 students. A Ç C is 17 students. A Ç B Ç C is 11 students. Those are supposed to be...
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    Quick question about derivatives

    Would the derivative of 2y be written as 2y' or 2yy'?