1. N

    2 geometry questions

    Hi, I really need someone to help me here, with the following questions, I have no idea what to do, if you can explain or hint me that would be great. Thank you. The first question: Given facts: *ABCD is parallelogram *Angle DAE = Angle EAB. *Angle DCF = Angle FCB. a. prove that AFCE is...
  2. S

    Help solving this questions

    I have a math problems i am having issues with. I am trying to solve the following equation for y in terms of x. Cant leave a fraction in either the numerator or denominator of the answer and no repeating decimals.
  3. R

    Calculus questions about IVT and EVT?

    I have these questions to do for homework and I am really stuck (Worried) (look at the picture in the link) [COLOR=#000000][FONT=&amp]The only thing I have so far is that 1C is impossible and that 1D is just basically any continuous function. I need help with the other questions - any type of...
  4. M

    circle questions

    Hi, sorry this is my first time on this forum, hope these questions are suitable enough to be posted here, they're suppose to be questions manageable for a 12-year-old which makes me even more worried about my math skills nowadays... anyway this is the first question: and here's the second...
  5. L

    Some questions to do with trig identities (I think)

    I have no idea how to do this stuff so here I am. I need to simplify these three problems: sin^2θ+sec^2θ+tan^2θ+cos^2θ x+sin^2xsecx (cscx+1)(cscx-1)
  6. brandnew

    differential equations and numerical methods questions ??

    i have been trying to follow computer oriented numerical methods in c language for some time now ... these were the things i was supposed to do with a programming language like c ... i have managed it this far ... there were at least 5 books i had to follow understand this...
  7. brandnew

    few more basic differential equation questions ??

    i was trying to learn differential equations ... i was lucky enough to find some good explanations for calculus and differential equations ... in this equation which is the dependent variables and which one is the independent variables ?? and how do i solve this differential equation...
  8. A

    Algebra exercise questions

    Hello everyone Greetings, appreciate if someone can help verify my answers for the questions below. All help appreciated, thank you in advance. 1. Two numbers are in ratio 5:4. If 3 is subtracted from the first and 2 is subtracted from the second, they will be in ratio 6:5. What are the...
  9. brandnew

    few beginner differential equation questions ...

    i am starting to learn differential equation ... for computer science and programming ... but before that i have few basic questions about some maths terminologies ... what is the difference between an equation and a function ?? how does a simple differential equation looks like ...
  10. S

    A Series of Questions About Some Series: Primes, Waves, and Factors

    A Series of Questions About Some Series: Primes, Waves, and Factors Abstract A Trigonometric Series is crafted that gives the number of factors of x for all x. It is then manipulated to list all those factors. It is then used to give the exact distribution of the primes. It is then changed...
  11. B

    Basic Permutation Questions - wondering if I am on the right track

    Hi I have got some basic example questions and I am hoping someone could let me know if I am on the right track! Qu1(a) How many different ways can the letters in the word wombat be arranged: I thought this was simply 6! from (6 choose 1; 5 choose 1; 4 choose 1; 3 choose 1 and 1 choose 1)...
  12. M

    binomial distribution questions

    1. An experiment consists of taking 7 shots at a target and counting no. of hits. The prob of hitting the target with a single shot is 0.6. Using a binomial distribution find the prob that in 7 attempts the target is hit atmost twice..this is ok but this one: Give a reason why the binomial...
  13. P

    Geometry and Measurement Questions

    Hello, all I am struggling with solving these 3 problems for an elementary math course I am completing. I keep getting varied responses and my aim is to solve these without a calculator. Any help is appreciated please and thank you in advance. Assuming that 1 gram of gold is worth $50, how...
  14. M

    Need help with math kangaroo (Olympiad) questions for grade 7

    Hello, all, I was wondering if any of you guys could possibly help me solve or at least point me in the right direction for a few practice questions that i was unable to solve. If you can, thanks a lot. Two different 2-digit positive integers are called a reversal pair if the position of...
  15. P

    A bunch of statistics questions I need help with :(

    Hey guys, so long story short, my fantastic professor gave us about 150 homework problems to do, and he's probably one of the worst professors I've ever had. Let's just say his teaching style is not something I can wrap my head around. I've been stuck on a few problems for a while now, and any...
  16. P

    Few Statistics Questions

    Hey guys, I'm reviewing for an exam and I came across a few problems that are giving me trouble. PLEASE DON'T JUST GIVE ME THE ANSWERS. I want to understand. Any help and explanations are greatly appreciated. 1. The central limit theorem says if X1,.....,X60 are random samples from exponential...
  17. M

    Questions about vectors.

    O: 0,0 S: 5,9 Q: 4,6 P: -1,3 |OP|+|QS| <-1,3>+<1,3> <0,6> magnitude is 6. I asked a similar problem earlier this week around the vector <0,-3> where the direction is. -90 or 270 would be the degrees. Does it make a difference if I am adding two vectors together? or does it not...
  18. B

    V simple graphing in Matlab Questions

    Hi, As part of a bigger question I have to create a simple plot in Matlab. Could anyone tell me where I am going wrong in the simple script below: %Test Plot x=-2:0.01:4; D=sqrt(x.^2+(x.^2-2*x-4).^2); Plot(x,D); Kind regards Beetle
  19. J

    A couple of questions I'm confused about

    The following are a couple of questions that I'm getting a bit confused as to how to answer them, any help is appreciated. 1) 2)
  20. B

    Equating two equations - basic algebra questions re exponents and trig functions

    Hi, I have the following: Consider the following two expressions: f(x) = e ^(2x) − (e^(x) cos x)^ (2)/x^2 and g(x) =  (e^xsin x/x)^2 I have to show that these equations are equal for x not equal to 0. I have a couple of basic questions: When an expression is expressed to the power 2...