1. M

    Mechanics Ques ( M1)

    The questions and answers are in the attachment! For No4 (iii) Since the stone is moving downward in the container and the resistance to motion acting upwards i did mg - R = ma But it did the inverse in the marking scheme , can someone explain me it ? For 5(i) i don't understand how to...
  2. M

    Mechanics Ques ( M1)

    An object of mass 10kg slides down a plane inclined at 8° to the horizontal , starting from rest at the point A. The point B is a distance of 15m down the plane from A. The speed of the object when it reaches B is 5 ms. For the motion from A to B , find (i) the increase in the kinetic energy of...
  3. P

    compl. nos. ques.

    hi... there has been a question which always crosses my mind whenever i see complex numbers... we say.. |x| is defined as squareroot(x^2) so, why do we not write |i| as i... (squareroot(i^2)=i)? (note that 'i' means iota) now u'll say that modulus function has also been defined as distance of...
  4. B

    Some help/input on Limit Comparison Series Ques.

    \sum_{n=3}^{\infty} \frac{2n+8}{[n ln(n)]^2 +4} Can anyone give me some input as to what I could compare this to. At first glance, maybe I could do a limit comparison test with bn= \frac{2n}{[n ln(n)]^2} , which would simplify to \frac{2}{n [ln(n)]^2} Since n is the dominant term, would I...
  5. B

    de moivre ques involving tan

    how does one go from [Im(cos theta + i sin theta)^3]/[Re(cos theta + i sin theta)^3] to =[3cos^2 theta sin theta - sin^3 theta]/[cos^3 theta - 3 cos theta sin^2 theta] I heard it's something to do with some triangle but I don't understand the details. Help would be much appreciated
  6. V

    probability ques

    hi,can anyone please help me out with this?thanks in advance! four letters (each written to a different person) are randomly placed into four envelopes ( these already have the persons' addresses on it).what is the probability that a) no letter is placed correctly? b) one letter is placed...
  7. S

    proof ques

    In a triangle ABC, D,E & F are any 3 points on sides AB,BC & CA respectively..given that 1)AD=BE=CF & 2) angle(ADF=BED=EFC) we need to prove that ABC is equilateral. ny help??
  8. A

    polynomial help!!! really tough ques.

    when a polnomial p(x) is divided by (x-a) it leaves a remainder of a^3 and when divided by (x-b) it leaves a remainder of b^3. Find the remainder when it is divided by (x-a)(x-b) (the a and b are actually alpha and beta signs but i didn't know how to type them) please help ill try to help u in...
  9. shannu82

    square root ques.

    Find all the real values of x such that 1/((sqrt(2x-3))^2) > 1/4 I just want to know how to do this ques. So far i have done the following: 4 > 2x-3 ( multiplied left side by 4 and right side by (sqrt(2x-3))^2). ( sqrt x square only 2x-3 remains) x<19/2 (isolated x...) Any help would...
  10. Z

    simple probablility ques.

    300 discs of different colour. 100 pink, 100 blue and 100 orange. each is numbered from 0-99 5 discs are selected at random. one and a time, with replacement. what is the probability of getting exact 2 orange disc that ends with a 6?
  11. L

    Integration Ques

    I need to integrate the following but am unsure how to do it: x(3-x)^{100} Can I multiply the outside x into it?
  12. M

    Mechanics Problem!

    Question : Determine the force in each member of the truss.Note the zero in any zero-force members. How to solve this problem , Please answer in steps ,Thank you
  13. M

    Help me with this ques.

    Hey i have a question i cant solve it but m very curious to know its solution Help me!! Here it is: Two rays are drawn through a point at an angle of 30*.A point B is taken on one of them at a distance d from the point A.A perpendicular is drawn from the point B to other ray and another...
  14. L

    Higher order Derivative Ques

    show that the equation f" (x) + 4 f'(x) + 4 f(x) = 0 is satisfied if f(x) = (3x-5)e^-2x What is this question asking me to do? I know I will need to find the first and second derivative but where does the + 4 part fit in?
  15. M

    Pls help with the ques?

    A company that publishes a certain calculus book has a constant marginal cost of $22.50 per book and a constant marginal profit of $14 per book.If it costs the company $12000 to publish 500 copies of the book,determine the profit from selling those 500 copies.
  16. M

    Pls help me with this ques?

    Let f(x) = x^x.Give a convicing argument showing that f'(2)~ 6.773.
  17. M

    Help with this calculus ques?

    A ball thrown straight up into the air from a bridge,and its height above the ground t seconds after it is thrown is f(t) = -16t^2 + 108t + 48 feet. a.Determine the velocity of the ball at the moment it hits the ground. b.Determine all points in time after the ball is tossed that it has...
  18. M

    Can someone help me with this ques?

    A certain country's Gross Domestic product (in millions of dollars) t years since the beginning of 1997 is given by G(t)= -2.4t^3 + 48t^2 + 18t + 8000 for o<t<12 . Determine the year that GDP is growing at a rate of at least $275 000 000 per year.Also,determine whether or not the growth rate...
  19. A

    Boolean eqn from table ques.

    Hi everyone, Can someone help me with this..I dont know where to start. Write the Boolean Equation that corresponds to the Truth Table as below: A B C Z 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 Pls help guide and advise...tq so much,really...
  20. ssadi

    Ellipse chord joining two points subtends an angle identity can't understand the Ques

    Show that an equation of the chord joining the points P(acos\omega, bsin\omega) and Q(acos\theta, b sin\theta) on the ellipse with equation b^2x^2+a^2y^2=a^2b^2 is Bxcos\frac{1}{2}(\theta+\omega)+aysin{1}{2}(\theta+\omega)=abcos{1}{2}(\theta-\omega) (SOLVED) “Prove that, if the chord PQ...