1. R

    Below is a table of value for the diameter D of a motor pulley (in inches) and the...

    Below is a table of value for the diameter D of a motor pulley (in inches) and the corresponding fan speed S (in revolutions per minute) Find a formula expressing S as a linear function of D and then use the formula to find the fan speed if a pulley having a diameter of 4.5 inches is used...
  2. J

    Two Boxes - System Acceleration

    There are two boxes of mass 10 kg. Box1 rests on a surface inclined at Θ to the horizontal, and it is connected to a lightweight cord, which passes over a massless and frictionless pulley, to Box2 which hangs freely. It is obvious that Box2 will fall and Box1 will rise up the plane with an...
  3. Q

    Belt and Pulley Problem

    Hi, Everyone. Can anyone solve this problem (with diagram)? Two pulleys, 25cm and 45cm in diameter, have their axles horizontal, at the same level and 450 cm apart. Assuming that the belt which runs round is pulled tight, find the angle of slope of the straight portion of the belt. Thanks.
  4. A

    mechanics pulley problem

    i tried but got answer in negative i.e -1.4ms^-2 . this is how i solved T-5g=5a 8g-2T=8*0.5*a but i keep on getting negative answer need help
  5. M

    Mechanics String and PUlley problems

    A mass of 10 kg lies on a smooth plane which is inclined at THETA to the horizontal. The mass is 5m from the top measured along the plane. One end ofa light inextensible string is attached to this mass; the string passes up the line of greatest slope and over a smooth pulley fixed at the top...
  6. M

    Slope and pulley problem ? Please guide me. Thank you in advance

    One of two identical masses lies on a smooth plane, which is inclined at sin-1 1/14 to the horizontal, and is 2m from the top. A light inextensible string attached to this mass passes along the line of greatest slope , over a smooth pulley fixed at the top of the incline; the other end carries...
  7. B

    Finding the angles of a pulley using vector

    Find \phi and \theta
  8. C

    Another pulley problem/resolving

    Hey, another question whereby i don't get how my method gets the wrong answer.... solution is herehttp://clip2net.com/s/VKcK, question is here:part 1 and question i need help with tension in the string is 6g, where g=9.8, sin theta is 3/5. I resolve tension from the left so that i get R=...
  9. C

    Problem with pulley

    Hey, i have the mark scheme for this question but i simply do not understand it.the question is here : maths problem , part E . the answer is here:answer . I don't understand, what i did was use equations of motion , from the point when Q reverses and falls 3.15 m, therefore giving me the...
  10. Chokfull

    Simple pulley system question

    This one problem makes no sense to me; I have a pulley system, one pulley attached to the ceiling with the rope running over it, and the other pulley hanging on the rope with a cylinder attached to it. The system looks like this horrible diagram over here. How does the twenty-kilogram cylinder...
  11. O

    [SOLVED] Need help with pulley problem

    Hi, i need help with the following question: The sprocket assembly for a 0.800 m diameter bike wheel is shown here. If the rider can pedal at 50.0 rotations per minute, what speed will the bike be traveling? Express your answer in km/hr. The radius of the back sprocket is 0.050 m and the radius...
  12. X

    Belt & pulley problem

    Hi everybody, I require assistance in solving this problem: A transmission belt passes tightly around 2 pulleys and crosses itself between them. The radii of the pulleys are 3m and 2m respectively, and their centres are 13m apart. Calculate: a) the length of the belt b) the total area...
  13. P

    Modelling a mass on incline with pulley

    Ive set my coordinate system to be horizontal and vertical to the floor (not the plane). I have for m: W = -|W|j T = |T|j for M: W = -|W|j F = |F|sin (theta) j - |F| cos (theta) i N = |N| cos (theta) j + |N| sin (theta) i T = |t| cos (theta) j + |T| sin (theta) i I need to find...
  14. J

    Pulley and Tension Madness! (Load weight)

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data See figure. 2. Relevant equations Sum of Fy = 0 Sum of Fx = 0 Tension is constant across the cord, regardless of the number of pulleys. 3. The attempt at a solution My first thought after looking at the B A E connection to load P...
  15. J

    Pulley on a slope.

    I have the following question to answer. Can anyone please help. A box of mass 150kg rests on a slope that is inclined to the horizontal by 35 degrees. The box is restrained so that it cannot slide down the incline but is free to move up the incline. At the top of the incline a pulley is...
  16. B

    Frictionless Pulley

    A block of mass m1 = 7.76 kg on a frictionless plane inclined at angle θ = 30.4° is connected by a cord over a massless, frictionless pulley to a second block of mass m2 = 2.32 kg hanging vertically (Fig. 5-55). (a) What is the acceleration of the hanging block (choose the positive direction...
  17. C

    Mechanics 1 - pulley question.

    Hi, i don't really get question (e), is there anyone explain question (e)? Here is the question. 6. Two particles P and Q have mass 0.5 kg and m kg respectively, where m < 0.5. The particles are connected by a light inextensible string which passes over a smooth, fixed pulley. Initially...
  18. I

    Question about man pulling thing without a pulley and with a pulley.

    In the first case A man is in a rased platform, he has a mass of 50kg, h's directly pulling a block of mass 25 kg, the floor below him can witstand a force of 700N, in the second case the smae man pulls the same block on the same platform have ing same withstand capacity of 700N, calculate the...
  19. I

    force on a pulley???

    a particle of mass 10kg is at rest on a plane inclined at an angle tan-1(3/4) to the horizontal.contact is rough with a coefficient of friction of 0.25.it is connected by means of a light inextensible string passing over a smooth,fixed pulley to a second particle of mass 20kg hanging freely...
  20. S

    Mechanics Of A Pulley

    I'm going wrong somewhere but don't know where. Can someone help? Thanks in advance. ______________________________________________ Q: Two particles P and Q of masses 3kg and 6kg respectively are attached to the ends of a light inextensible string. The string is released from rest with both...