1. S

    Troublesome coefficient of variation question. Last one, I promise!

    Given the following data for three possibile investments, A, B and C, calculate the coefficient of variation and with the aid of a diagram explain which is the least risky investment. Expected Profit: A - 100 B - 120 C - 140 Standard Devi.: A - 10 B - 30 C - 20 I presume to calculate the COV...
  2. M

    another question about functions (last question today, I promise)

    f(x)=1-4x+6x^2 Calculate following values: f(a)= f(a+h)= Then simplify f(a+h)-f(a) _________(over) h I feel like this is just a rudimentary substitution problem, but my calculations are all incorrect
  3. thaopanda

    Last One I Promise: complex numbers again

    [Solved] Last One I Promise: complex numbers again Yay! I did it! This is my last post... for tonight (Giggle) e = belongs to Let z,w e C be such that z = a + bi and w = c + di, with a, b, c, d e R. Define z < w <=> { a < c or a = c but b < d Prove that < defined above is an...
  4. P

    LAST one - Promise! Trigonometric Ecuations.

    I know that how to work with cos, sin and tan... tanˆ2x + tanx = 0 tanx(tanx + 1) = 0 tanx = 0 x = undefined tanx + 1 = 0 tanx = -1 x = -45 But, how do I solve: (√3)csc(x) - 2 = 0 Thank you!
  5. K

    Last log Question I Promise!

    Log(x-46)+log(x-61)=2 thank you I love you all!!
  6. R

    last question i promise- another antiderivative

    Find f. f '(x) = √x(9 + 5x) f(1) = 11 f = thats what I got, and obviously its wrong.. what am I doing wrong here?
  7. E

    Last Taylor series question for awhile, promise

    Ok, so my function is f(x)=\frac{1}{(1+x^2)^{1/3}} and I'm supposed to approximate the integral for it. I can do that once I have the power series easily enough since the instructions are to get a sixth-degree Taylor polynomial, which I can do if I know the power series, and then it's just a...
  8. J

    Last stat prob, I promise! heh

  9. S

    Last two, I promise (for tonite)

    I'm not sure if I know how to write these out, but here goes: (multiply and simplify) k^2+11k+28 X k^2+8k k^2+12k+32 X k^2+4k-21 ADD and simplify: m^2-8m + 15 m-5 m-5 That is m^2-8m over m-5 PLUS 15 over m-5

    Sorry, Last question, i promise.

    Health experts agree that cholesterol intake should be limited to 300 mg or less each day. Three ounces of shrimp and 2 ounces of scallops contain 156 mg of cholesterol. Five ounces of shrimp and 3 ounces of scallops contain 45 mg of cholesterol less than the suggested maximum daily intake...