1. math951

    Math research project.

    For my calculus 1 course, I am allowed to do a project and present it to the class for ten minutes. the professor said you can either do 1 of two things 1: do a calculus project that is related towards your major, or 2: do a history of a certain person that created a certain function or had...
  2. topsquark

    Group Theory Project

    My research into String Theory has stalled. I'm stuck at Conformal Field Theory. The problem is that I have taught myself all the advanced Math that I know and I know there are gaps, omissions, and outright errors in my knowledge. What I need is a good tutor for several subjects and I'm not...
  3. W

    I extremely need help with the codes for this MATLAB project

    I need help with this project in MATLAB 1. Represent while marking on the axis the significant values for the signals x1(t), x2(t) and x3(t) for 10 periods, 20 periods and 40 periods. (you should use the vectorial method). x1(t)=10t^2-8t+14 for t included in the domain [o;30] [ms]...
  4. W

    I extremely need help with the codes for this MATLAB project

    1. Represent while marking on the axis the significant values for the signals x1(t), x2(t) and x3(t) for 10 periods, 20 periods and 40 periods. (you should use the vectorial method). x1(t)=10t^2-8t+14 for t included in the domain [o;30] [ms] x2(t)=x1(t)*dirac_T1(t); *=convolution; T1=30...
  5. A

    Need help for doing my Calculus project

    I cant find these and its very confusing: All are related to Calculus Research each of these functions: 1. Linear Functions 2. Constant Function 3. Quadratic Function 4. Square Root Function 5. Absolute Value Function From the five functions listed above, find these 5 each: -...
  6. N

    Calc project

    So I have this calc project that i need help with. Its ok if we receive help as long as we understand the problem so i decided to join this forum for help so here it is. You are a competitive bicyclist.During a race, you bike at a constant velocity of k meters per second. A car is waiting for...
  7. F

    algebra 2 polynomial project

    can someone please help me Find for y=4x^6+8x^5+x^4+9x^3+9x^2+9x a. Domain and range b.the y intercept c.all real number zeros d.all relative minimums and maximums e.description of the end behavior f.identify the lead of the leading coefficient the function even or odd h.How many...
  8. D

    Tomato Soup/Cream Soup Project

    Ok so I have this impossible math project and my teacher decided not to explain anything about it.....he called it a "surprize project"....******* I know... anyways here it is. You are filling soup cans.The label says each can has 300 ml of soup.there are two fill spouts one for cream and one...
  9. N

    Need help with the part to of my project totally lost it.

    this is the question if you guys need more info let me know. Part 2: 10. (5 points) A student discovers a pattern that he claims is always true. For all rectangles, lim┬(x →b)⁡〖(2bx〗-x^2)= b2 for all b > 0. Is this solution reasonable? Explain your reasoning by creating some examples for b...
  10. P

    Applied Calculus Project

    Hello everyone. My name is Zara, I'm new to the forum! I'm in the process of coming up with an applied calculus project as a final project for my calculus I course. Here are the requirements for the project: And here is my idea so far (please don't laugh) (Evilgrin): In 2013, approximately...
  11. R

    Crashing a project

    By how many days should each activity be reduced the project completion time by 4 days? I have all the parts right except for part B. I thought it was 2 but it's not. What I did was subtract normal time from crash time and it worked for all the problems except B. Here's a link to the table. Any...
  12. K

    Project Management (Drawing a network diagram)

    Can someone please just try to show me how to create a network diagram (including dummy activities), using activity on arc. I find it confusing, opposed to using activity at node, but I've been asked to do it with activities on arcs with follow up questions which I can do; eg critical path and...
  13. Paze

    Idea for "science fair" project?

    Hey MHF. On the 23rd I am to present a real-life functional project that in some clever way, utilizes Newton's laws. I must deliver it completely with calculations. Does anyone have any good ideas for such a project? Thanks.
  14. V

    My Maths Project

    Hi, I'm doing a survey for a school maths project and I would really appreciate if you could answer a few questions. I need more answers (Happy) Thanks! Here's a a link: Survey provided by
  15. K

    Wine Glass Project Calculus Stem

    I'm working on an equation for a wine glass that holds 150 ml. The actual equation I found for the cup is -20cos((pi/4)x) + 40, and the limits of integration I used to find the volume were 0 to 8.14818. Now, I am having trouble making an equation for a stem for this cup. The stem doesn't need to...
  16. I

    Differential calculus: Maxima and minima problem (project)

    DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS: MAXIMA AND MINIMA 1. DESIGNING A POSTER You are designing a rectangular poster to contain 50in^2 of printing with a 4-in. margin at the top and bottom and a 2-in. margin at each side. What overall dimensions will minimize the amount of paper used? Can you show it to me...
  17. H

    Project Euler 3

    Hello, I am really confused on this problem on projecteuler. Its so annoying!!! And its only problem 3! Im using C++ and I am really confused on how to find a technique to find whether a number is prime. My method at the moment is increasing the number that the number I am dividing it by...
  18. E

    Unable to find the correct combination / permutation rule for my statistics project

    First and foremost, THANK YOU in advance for helping me with my statistics project that I have been unable to solve on my own or through the help of my statistics book and google. I am working on an excel spreadsheet for use with the game Eve Online. I will give you a bit of background on what...
  19. F

    I am in need of some raw-ish data for a Data Management 12 project.

    My final project involves taking a bunch of data and finding correlation coefficient, standard deviation etc. I chose the topic of intelligence and race. I understand that this is an incredibly controversial topic, this is one of the reasons I chose it. I will be sure to be as unbiased as...
  20. C

    Calc 1 Semester Project

    I am having issues with these two math problems. I have to do the math along with write the math into words pretty much stating how I did this. I am terrible at turning math into words. Can anyone help me with this problem? 1. Airline Revenue. An airline company flies about 25,000 passengers...