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    Flexible math software that can run multiple processes together - suggestions?

    I’ve been looking for a certain type of software that can handle multiple things in the same file such as code (C or Python will do), diagrams (graphs, charts, instruments…), documentation (text editing), and mathematical functions. This format is very important for me because I need these...
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    Linear Programing Problem, Simplex but with a negative constraint?

    [SOLVED] Linear Programing Problem, Simplex but with a negative constraint? Hi, I have the following question and I need to know if i have augmented it correctly and what my next steps should be. Maximise Z = x_{1} + 4x_{2} subject to -3x_{1} + x_{2} \leq 6 x_{1} + 2x_{2} \leq 4 and x_{2}...
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    Linear Programing Quesiton!

    Hey all! Stuck on a question for my final project. Its a little different then the questions i am used to so i kinda need a push to get started and sent in the correct direction. Anyways, question is as follows: ** working on T1 Also, for those who have mathematica, i uploaded the file im...
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    Linear Programing - Negative Numbers Help

    Hi, I am wondering what to do with this question Minimize 2x1 - 3x2 with constraints A: -3x1 + x2 = 90 B: 4x1 + 2x2 = 120 C: x1 + 2x2 = 150 The first constraint works out to be: x1= -30, and x2 = 90. I don't think this is right because you cannot have a negative number in a linear model...
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    Linear Programing - Negative Numbers Help

    Hi, I have a question about what to do with a constraint that is negative. A: -3x1 + x2 = 90 So I get x1= -30, and x2 = 90. I have a feeling this isn't right since linear models should not have negative numbers. Can anyone help me out?
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    linear programing problem

    I'm a little confused about how to approach this problem.. An appliance company produces 3 models of stoves. Model A takes 24 hours to manufacture and 20 hours to assemble. Model B take 15 hours to manufacture and 4 hours to assemble. Model C takes 9 hours to manufacture and 12 hours to...
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    Linear Programing

    this is a problem i have been set and i haven't got a clue how to go about it(Headbang)(Headbang)...anybody got any tips to get me started or links to somewhere on the web that might help me cheers in advance josh
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    A garment company makes two types of woolen sweaters and can produce a max of 700 sweaters per week. Each sweater of the first type requires 2 pounds of green wool and 4 pounds of pink wool to produce a single sweater. The second type of sweater requires 4 pounds of green wool and 3 pounds of...
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    linear programing word problem

    you are the assistant manager of an appliance store.Next month you will order two types of stereo systems. i.model A: your cost is $300. your profit is $40 ii.model B: your cost is $400. your profit is $60 expect a profit of at least $4800. expect to sell at least 100 units. how...
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    Programing algorithm

    In Bioinformatics, a DNA sequence is made up of a combination of 4 characters, namely “A,C,G,T”. A subsequence of a given sequence of characters a0, a1, …an-1, is any subset of the characters taken in order, of the form ai0 , ai1 ,…..aik-1 where 0 ≤ i0 <i1….< ik-1 ≤ n-1. For example in the...
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    linear programing graphical solution problem

    hey guys... i have a question and not able to find the equations to solve the problem... please help... its urgent.... Solve the problem graphically to find the maximum value of the profit and the optimal values of the decision variables. For one of its clients, Propaganda Ltd. must run...