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    Partial Derivative Equation as solutions

    I have to solve PDE as ODE, but my lecturer didn't give me enough help and tutorial, to solve these problems. I searched YouTube and other websites to find a clue how to solve them but I find no clue. Please help! The problems are: i have to solve PDE as ODE where u = u(x,y) u_y + u = e^{xy}...
  2. K

    Calculus Quiz Problems

    Determine the area of the region enclosed by the graphs of f(x) = x^2 + x +5, g(x) = 3x +13, and the vertical line x = 0 I got 26.67 but he gave me zero points for it so idk. Set up (but do not evaluate) an integral that will give the area of the surface generated when y= x^3/8 is revolved...
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    Calculus Old Quiz Problems Help

    1. Let R be the region bounded by the graphs of y= sinx and y = 1 - sinx on (pi/6, 5pi/6) Use the washer or disk method to set up (but do not evaluate) an integral that will determine the volume of the solid obtained by revolving R about the line y=3 2. Use calculus determine volume of the...
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    Do I not have enough information to do these problems? (limits with squeeze theorem) <----- Notes I have from lecture on squeeze theorem. I realize range for sin and cos = [-1,1] and tan and cot are all real numbers. he showed us these 2 cases for squeeze theorem, then we went over the review for the exam on Tuesday. While doing the...
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    2 Problems - In Need of Help

    Hello everyone! I am here asking for help on two problems. I am having the worst possible time with these two. Help would be greatly appreciated!! A businessperson has made the following observations about the relationship between the price and quantity demanded of his/her product: (200,$117)...
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    stuck with two problems in inquality

    The first problem goes like this: "for this equitation x^2-(m+1)x+m+9=0 , find for what values of m one root is bigger than 2 and the second root is smaller than 2?" I've succeeded to answer that if x_1=\frac{m+1+\sqrt{\Delta }}{2} and x_2=\frac{m+1-\sqrt{\Delta }}{2} so x_1>2 and x_2<2 than the...
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    Problems concerning functions

    Problem 1: A real value function f(x) satisfies the function equation f(x-y) = f(x)f(y) - f(a-x)f(a+y) , where a is a given constant and f(0)=1, then f(2a-x) is equal to? My attempt: I just tried giving several values to x and y to try to get the answer since it's a real valued function...
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    Help with 3 problems, self-teaching Algebra

    Looking for some help on a few Algebra problems I am having trouble simplifying. 36-n^2/n^2-9 X n+3/n+6 I have made it to 36-n^2/(n-3)(n+6) and am not confident that this is as far as I can go with simplifying. Any direction would be appreciated! w^2-2/w X 5w^3/w^3-w This one is proving very...
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    Basic Digit Problems

    Question: What is the product of 23 and 79 to one place of accuracy? 1600 or 2000. Seeking help. Thanks. Regards, Mushfique
  10. G

    Linear Programming problems.

    Hello everyone. I'm flummoxed about how to formulate the linear programming problem for this questions, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas or hints on how to proceed with it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Problems with word problems

    I've come across what I think is an interesting word problem: "With a hundred inches of ink I draw a square and a circle so that he sum of the areas is a minimum. What is the length of the perimeter of the square?". Now, I feel like I more or less have the set-up down, e.g. take the sum of the...
  12. R

    A few Practice Problems

    Hello! I am looking for some help with some proofs for some homework problems. It's really hard to write out all the symbols so that they look right, so you can look at them here: Also you can go to to see them if that helps! I'm struggling pretty bad...
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    on Word Problems: Numbers, consecutive

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    Ratio problems

    I have 3 problems. 6. Two numbers are in the ratio 5:6. If 8 is added to each of the numbers, they will be in ratio 7:8. Find the numbers. (5x+8)+(6x+8)=7x+8x OK easy. The numbers end up being 20:24 7. Two numbers are in the ratio 3:7. If 1 is added to the smaller number and 7 is added to the...
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    Delta Process Problems

    I've been having troubles with these two problems: lim Δy/Δt where y=1/t2; Δt→0 lim Δy/Δt where y=1/t3 Δt→0 The answers that were given are -2/t3 and -3t-4 respectively. I haven't had any issues with this sort of problem until I came to these two. So after about a week of...
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    How to adapt to proof like problems?

    This is not a calculus problem, but I know a lot of the people I want to get answers from (Archie, Chiro, Topsquark, etc) post here... so I will post here. I haven't taken any proof based math classes yet, but I am trying to do proofs that I found online, but I can't seem to have that creativity...
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    First-order initial-value problems

    Hi, all. Three problems in a row were incorrect, so I'm curious if anyone has some insight. All of my work on the three problems is attached. Thanks for any help!
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    Please help Im stuck with these problems ( Combining Functions)

    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=verdana]1) Cell phones begin to lose (resale) value immediately after purchase. After one year, an iPhone can be resold at 63% of its list price. Assume that each year after that, the resale value continues to drop to 63% of the resale price from the
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    Factoring equation problems... Any help would be great!

    Hi all so i have some assigned problems to which i am stumped, I appologize if the questions seem basic i am just starting to learn how to factor and use the quadratic equation. I will attach pictures of the questions for each one. Question #1) How do i solve for a particular variable in the...