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    Operation Research Problem.....Need help

    Question One (10Marks)Kingsway Tyre Limited Company manufactures two typesof tyres (Michelin Tyres and Apollo Tyres). Each Michelin tyre requires twiceas much labour time as does each Apollo Tyre. If all tyres are Apollo only, thecompany can produce a total of 500 tyres a day. The market limits...
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    Algebra word problem...Need help if you have spare time.

    The owners of River View Bakery have hired enough servers to handle 17 tables of customers, and the fire marshal has approved the restaurant for a limit of 56 customers. The owners need to purchase two-seat and four-seat tables to accommodate the customers. 1.1. Write a system of...
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    Expectation Problem-need help!!!

    f(x,y)=(x+y)/30 for x=0,1,2,3; y=0,1,2 here is the chart for the probability of f(x,y), i.e., P(0,0)=0, P(1,0)=1/30, P(1,1)=2/15 ... 0 1/30 1/10 1/5 1/30 2/15 3/10 8/15 1/10 3/10 3/5 1 Find E[2X-Y]
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    Number Theory type of problem--need help understanding number relationships. yikes.

    My Question about this problem: They say, 100 is a multiple of 4, so that's why the units digit of 3100 is the same as that of 34 However, 100 is also a multiple of 5. So why did they pick 4? Please help explain this--as I am not hot in number theory If n is an integer with units digit...
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    Min/Max problem....need some help please

    Find the maximum possible area of an isosceles triangle where the two equal sides are both 6cm long.
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    Calculus Problem-Need FAST!

    Two stationary patrol cars equipped with radar are 5 miles apart on Highway 41. As Alex's car passes the first patrol car, its speed is clocked at 55 mph. Four minutes later, when Alex passes the second patrol car, his speed is clocked at 50 miles per hour. Prove that Alex must have exceeded the...