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  1. C

    Contradictory Stokes Theorem verification problem/ even and odd functions

    Problem- Let F = <0, -z, 1> and S be the part of the unit sphere where z > \frac{1}{2}. Evaluate \iint_{\textit{S}} F•dS directly as a surface integral, then verify that curl(A) = F where A = <0, x, xz> and evaluate the surface again using Stokes' Theorem. The easy part of this problem was...
  2. suckatmaths

    Trigononmetry Problem/ Picture?

    I really need help with this Trigonometry Question. "From an observer O, the angles of elevation to the bottom and the top of a flagpole are 36degrees and 38degrees respectively. Find the height of the flagpole. (Find AB and AC). -Picture to problem:
  3. M

    gambling problem/ standard deviation

    I'm analyzing some data from online gambling sites.I'm trying to prove they are stealing the customers. I'm not an expert in math ....just having "common sense" knowledge. Here is the problem I need to solve: I have a series of N independent event where I have a chance ( W[i] ) to win...