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    Hi Guys can someone agree if this is the right answer am getting for the question below Q The probabilities of three events (K;L and M) happening are respectively 0.45, 0.30 and 0.25. What is the probability that event L does not happen (to two decimal places)? My Answer 1-0.30=0.70 is this...
  2. P

    Probabilty 3

    Hi Guys assist on the question below A company has two sites, X and Y, employing 110 and 90 people respectively. There are 40 females at each site. What is the probability that one employee, selected at random, is male and works at site X (to three decimal places)?
  3. R

    help practiciing probabilty for exams

    hi.. i m having exams next week and i am practicing some questions and i couldnt do some of them.i d like to post one and hope if someone helps. thankyou. f(x) = 3x^-4 x>= 1 a) Show that f(x) is the probability density function of some random variable x. b) Find the cumulative...
  4. Y

    Probabilty help

    I need help doing these problems... How do I approach these problems?(Headbang)
  5. Y

    Probabilty question

    A public opinion poll surveyed a sample of 1000 voters. The table below shows the number of males and females supporting Party A, Party B and Party C. Party A Party B Party C Male 200 130 70 Female 250 350 50 (a) One of the voters is chosen at random. Events A, C and M are defined as...
  6. S

    Probabilty theory - question about two independent events

    If two events A and B are mutually exclusive (A\cap B=\phi ), then A and B are dependent. It implies that if A and B are independent, they are not mutually exclusive. Is it true that if A and B are independent, then either A\subseteq B or B\subseteq A?
  7. L

    probabilty mass function

    For assessment You roll two fair standard dice and record the num- bers showing. Let T be the random variable \the sum of the two numbers rolled" and D be the random variable \the absolute value of the di erence between the two numbers rolled". (a) Find the probability mass...
  8. W

    Probabilty Mass Functions

    I have this discrete random varible X with possible values -2,1,3,4 with probabilities satisfying P(X=-2)=P(X=1)=2P(X=3)=3P(X=4). and need to Find the probabilty mass function. I can not get the probabilty mass function to equal 1 when putting into table form. Can anyone help??
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    When a dice is rolled the outcome of the face is summed up each time, and rolling is stopped when the sum becomes greater than 100. Which of the following have more probability to become sum? a) 103 b) 102 c) 100 d) all have equal probability e) 101 thanks if you can help me in this ;)
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    A fair dice is rolled. Each time the value is noted and running sum is maintained. what is the expected number of runs needed so that the sum is even. thanks
  11. J

    How to describe the probabilty in this case?

    If we receive a flow of bits of a particular length, how to describe it in function of the length L? I am interested in the description of the probability of receiving the sequence "10". p1: Probability of receiving 1 p0: Probability of receiving 0 px: Probability of receiving whatever If L=3...
  12. M

    Probabilty word problem

    HI everyone, I have a hard time understanding this concept of probability. Can you help me to solve these problems? 1)An ice cream store offers 19 different flavors of ice cream. How many triple-scoop ice cream cones are possible if each scoop must be a different flavor and the flavors can...
  13. A

    Conditional Probabilty problem

    Let X be a continuous random variable uniformly distributed on the interval (0,b). The density function of X is given by: 1/b for 0<x<b, 0 otherwise If 0<a<x<b, evaluate the conditional probability P(X less than or equal to x|X>a).
  14. Z

    Probabilty of smoking

    A fraction p of citizens in a city smoke. We are to determine the value of p by making a survey that involves n citizens whom we select randomly. If k of these n people smoke, then p'=k/n will be our result. How large should we choose n if we want our result p' to be closer to the real value p...
  15. J

    Probabilty black jack

    Having trouble intepreting this question. could someone help me interpret it. In the game of blackjack, you are initially dealt two cards from a standard deck of cards. If they have the same value, for example two 3s or two jacks, you can 'split them', making each one the first card of two...
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    Probabilty of drawing z distinct values in sample of size k

    What is the probability of drawing a sample of size k -with replacement -from a set containing N distinct values (and no other values). Each of these N values has an equal probability 1/N of being drawn -containing only z distinct values (where z <=k and z<=N) Suppose for instance that the set...
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    Probabilty and Odds?

    hi guys, i was watching a game of lawn balls and the results of the game led me to come up with this question: In a game of lawn balls: 7 rinks 2 teams per rink. a total of 14 teams after the first round of games the teams switch randomly and play another round of games. every team has...
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    Conditional probabilty help.

    it has been observed that 45% of the email sent to your account is spam and as a result you have set up a spam filter.however the filter fails to quarantine 2% of spam emails and inadvertently quarantines 5% of genuine emails. 1)what is the probabilty that an email will be quarantined as spam...
  19. helloying

    conditional probabilty

    A standard pack contain 52 cards. The card are classified into 3 categories. 1.ace(each worth 14 points) 2. picture cards(each worth 12 points) 3. normal cards(each worth 6 points) After Darren picks 2 cards withour replacement, Alice draws another two cards without replacement. Given that...
  20. C

    Normal Probabilty Distrubtion

    Assume that the salaries of elementary school teachers in the United States are normally distrubted with a mean of 36,000 and a standard deviation of 5000. what is the cutoff salary for teachers in the top 10% and a second problem: Assume that the heights of men are normally distributed with...