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    Pre Calculus Help Videos

    Hey guys and girls! I am a current student in college getting a degree in math and have decided to try my best at creating a YouTube channel full of math problems to help students of all ages learn the greatest subject. I am planning on covering PreCalculus first as it can be tough for many...
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    Pre Calc

    Decompose v into two vectors v1 and v2, where v1 is parallel to w and v2 is orthogonal to work. V=i-4j , W=2i+j
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    Pre Calc Help, Find all solutions in the form a+bi

    Hey guys, so I got to my final question on my assignment and it is shown below. I am completely aware (Or I thought I was) of how to solve this problem, however this is through an online program and it has denied every form of my answer I have given. So maybe I have done something wrong so just...
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    Calculus question from pre calculus student

    My teacher assigned us some graphing homework. I know how to graph all of them manually all except these two 1. f(x)=x^4-x^3-4x^2 2. f(x)=(1/2)x^3+2x^2-8x-2 When i asked him how he said it was above our grade level and it was a calculus question so we should just use graphing calculators. So...
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    Trig question pre calc!

    Hi there, the question states Prove algebraically: \cos\theta/1-sin\theta = sec\theta +(sec\theta)(csc\theta)-cot\theta Here are the steps i took to solving this i worked on the right side making it equal the left 1) change all sec/ csc/ cot to their respective forms (\1/sin\theta) and so...
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    Please help me with a few pre algebra problems, my book doesn't have examples similar

    I worked on these ALL day yesterday and the back of the book just has the answers, it doesn't show the work.(Headbang) I should have never chosen this class online because it's difficult...I failed the last test. I need help. Here goes.. 1.)Six times the quantity of 4 minus a number is 15...
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    Pre calc help

    Hi would a question say i have a question like this how would i simplify? 300!/200! Factorial notation Thanks in advance.
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    Pre- calc HELP! Combinations

    Hi there the question states 2CR=25 I am really new to this so any help would be appreciated it states to solve for R. I tried to solve but got no where what i tried was to expand with the formula of nCr and no luck :(
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    Pre algebra problem

    Mrs jones gives $680 each year to charity. She gives the united way twice as much as the Red Cross but only half as much as the American heart association. How much does she give to the American heart association? I get to 2x+x+1/2x=680. But I get confused because of the 1/2 so I have no idea...
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    HIM tech taking a pre calculus class and who needs help

    hello every body I am hoping that i can get some help with my class and if possible help anyone who is stuck as well for the most part i work 60 hours a week in a hospital so i have very little time to work on finishing my Associates degree in science but with the help of friends i hopefully...
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    Pre calc Circle stuff, question !please help!

    hi, im new to this website, I really love math i've just started actually learning it a few years ago. but anyways im getting ready to take readiness test for calc i need help with this question its been a while since i did pre calc i just got off a lazy k winter break and need to get back into...
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    My homework for pre calc class. Its not calc though.

    I have two problems that i need to help solving. Can someone solve them for me and show the work? The Mathelte team is 37.5% female. If no additional boys join the team, what is the smallest number of girls who can join the team to raise the percentage to exactly 45%? And the second problem...
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    Should I drop my pre calculus course?

    I have a 63 % grade in the class. In all my homework I got A's and B's and first exam was 87% and other two are exams 40% and 59%. We have one more exam left and a final. My brother says that the final in his class is nothing we never covered and that he said it was stuff that was covered. This...
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    Pre Calc Question

    An amusement park Ferris Wheel has a radius of 70 feet. The center of the wheel is mounted on a tower 72 feet above the ground (see picture). For these questions, the wheel is not turning. 1. Suppose a rider is located at the point in the picture, 100 feet above the ground. If the rider...
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    Pre Algebra Cramer's rule problem

    I have done several other equations of this type with no problem. I understand this method but I just cannot seem to come up with the correct answer. According to my homework assignment there IS a correct answer. I even tried using a different method and came up woth the same incorrect answer...
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    need help with a algebra pre quiz

    i have a pre test/quiz to determin what class i am in next year and i want to get into one of the good classes but the only way is for me to get >70% (16.5) on it or somewhere close to that but the only problem is i cant seem to put it all down on pen and paper it seems that i can do the...
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    hey everyone im new and need help with a pre quiz

    hey everyone this is my first post but i may be asking too much here, i have a pre test/quiz to determin what class i am in next year and i want to get into one of the good classes but the only way is for me to get >70% (16.5) on it or somewhere close to that but the only problem is i cant seem...
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    Algebra - Pre Test Problems

    Hi guys if you can please help, i left my maths text book in my locker at school and not really sure on how to do this problems and i got a test on Monday. 1. Use long devision to divide: 6x^4+10x^3+13x^2-5x+2/2x^2-1 I know how to use long division, but for this one answears dont add up, im...
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    pre calulus

    find in each case the intercepts, domain, range, vertical and horizontal asymptotes,if any.sketch the graph... y^2(x^2-1) = x + 2