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    Stuck with this Question based on/related to Vieta's Relations.

    If p , q, r are the roots of x^3-6x^2+3x+1=0, determine the possible values of p^2q+q^2r+r^2p. Also find |(p-q)(q-r)(r-p)|. I have attached the pictures of my attempt. I need 1 more equation of the terms to find the solution. Answer :– -3, 24
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    Find an n^{th} degree polynomial with real coefficients satisfying given conditions.

    MSU College Algebra Help: Find a nth degree polynominal with real coefficents satisfying the given conditions. n=4, 6i and -8i are zeros, and f(-1)=2405. I got -8(x^3)i+64x^2-(288x)i+2303. This is marked as wrong in "WeBWorK". Please help!
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    Transpositioning techniques to solve equations and Formula

    1. calculate the area of the triangular fields, and the length of perimeter fencing required to secure the site. AB= 20m, Angle ABC= 60 degrees, Angle ACB= 20 degrees and angle BCD= 60 degrees. 2. The width of a river at a certain section is 60m. Soundings of the depth of the river taken at...
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    Modeling with Functions- open box problem

    A graphing calculator is recommended.A box with an open top is to be constructed from a rectangular piece of cardboard with dimensions W = 14 in. by L = 25 in. by cutting out equal squares of side x at each corner and then folding up the sides (see the figure).(a) Find a function that models the...
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    Proving Limit Properties Using Epsilon-Delta

    Hello all, I'm having some issues with a couple of the proofs. Hopefully someone out there can help me understand what's going on. I looked at some webpages and they all say the same thing. In the questions below, please assume all of the limits are approaching the same x for all terms in the...
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    Non-seeded NCAA Bracket probability

    My teacher assigned my class to find probabilities dealing with the NCAA March Madness bracket (starting from the round of 64) if each team has the same chance at winning as another (no seeds, every team is even). We've gone over probability before but my class is struggling with these...
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    Pre-Calc Bearings word problem

    Hello, i am really stumped on this questions, along with others like it A tugboat traveling at 25km/h on a course of 30degrees calculates its bearing to a lighthouse at 300 degrees. After traveling 45 min on the same course, its new bearing to the lighthouse is 214 degrees. How far is the boat...
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    Split Functions

    g(x) = {ax if x < 3 {ab-12 if x =3 {x2 -4x+b if x > 3 1. What are the values of b and a if g(x) is continuous at x = 3 Please help and thank you
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    Factoring Quadratic Equations. Help needed...

    (Doh) (Crying) Would someone please help me understand the last few steps of this problem... I've gotten this far but do not know where to go from where I left off... I know the answer is y=5/4, y=3/2 Thank you so much in advance :)
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    Anyone used Graphnow's Visual Calculus?

    I found this software from G, how about it? It seems that the demo is good.
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    I was thinking this tool might be helpful to some

    We would like to introduce a FREE android application that might be helpful to students learning calculus. It's a new concept in education we're trying out and we'd appreciate your feedback to help us build better material for you. If you have an Android-driven smart phone, you can test this...
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    Geometric Series Question

    Bryan is building his own home and is trying to determine whether he should install a conventional heating system or a geothermal heating system in his home. Geothermal systems utilize the heat of the earth to provide energy to heat the home. The geothermal system costs $50 000 to install but...
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    Geometric Series 2

    An advertising company designs a campaign to introduce a new product to the city. The company determines that 1000 people are aware of the product at the beginning of the campaign. The number of new people aware increases 40% ever 10 days. What is the total number of people who are aware after...
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    Geometric Series 1

    A tennis ball is dropped from a height of 20 m and bounces to 40% of its previous height on each bounce. The total vertical distance travelled is made up of the upward bounces and downward drops. What is the total vertical distance for the 6th time? My attempt: t1 = 20 cm r = 0.40 n = 6 Sn =...
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    Geometric Sequences 3

    In 2004, wind turbines generated 326 MW of wind energy, and it is projected that the amount will be 10 000 MW per year by 2010. If this growth were modelled by a geometric sequence, determine the value of the annual growth from 2004 to 2010. 1 megawatt = 1,000,000 watts My attempt...
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    Geometric Sequences 2

    The color of some clothing fades over time when washed. Suppose a pair of jeans fades by 5% with each washing. a) What percent of the color remains after one washing? 95% b) If t1 = 100, what are the first 4 terms? t1 = 100 r = 0.95 100, 95, 90.25, 85.7375 c)What is the value of r? r = 0.95...
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    Arthimetic Series 3

    A number of interlocking rings each 1 cm thick are hanging from a peg. The top ring has an outside diameter of 20 cm. The outside diameter of each of the outer rings is 1 cm less than that of the ring above it. The bottom ring has an outside diameter of 3 cm. What is the distance from the top of...
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    Arthimetic Series 2

    1. The first three terms of an arithmetic sequence are given by x, (2x-5), 8.6. Determine the first term and the common difference. I know that d = t2 - 1 = t3 - t2 So, (2x-5)-(x) = 8.6 - (2x-5) (Trying to solve for difference) x - 5 = 3.6 - 2x -5 = 3.6 - x -5-3.6 = - x x = 8.6 x = d...
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    Arthimetic Series 1

    1. It's About Time, in Langley, British Columbia, is Canada's largest custom clock manufacturer. They have a grandfather clock that, on the hours, chimes to the time of day. For example, at 4:00 PM, it chimes 4 times. How many times does the clock chime in a 24-h period? I tried using the...
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    Arithmetic Sequences 2

    In Saskatchewan in 1986, there were 1657 beekeepers operating 105 000 colonies. Each colony produced 70 kg of honey. In 2007, the number of beekeepers was reduced to 1048. Assume that the decline in the numbers of beekeepers generates an arithmetic sequence. Determine the change in the number of...