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    Calculus and Trigonometry Problems. Urgently need Help

    PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VIEW THE QUESTIONS Home 1. calculate the area of the triangular fields, and the length of perimeter fencing required to secure the site. AB= 20m, Angle ABC= 60 degrees, Angle ACB= 20 degrees and angle BCD= 60 degrees. 2. The width of a river at a certain...
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    i need help figuring out something about subtracting mixed numbers

    i have been stuck on this matter for hours trying to figure it out so i can get ready for intermediate algebra at a local community college's placement test, could anyone help me figure it out? problem: in a mathmatical problem where i subtract 1 or 2(+) mixed number(s) fraction could i find...
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    Pre-Algebra Equation with Negative Mixed Number

    I am very unsure of how to solve this equation, which involves a negative mixed number. Help would be very much appreciated. -6/n = -9 5/6
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    EAsy algebra question need help!!!

    PLease help ! -(y/2 + 1/16)=3(y/16 - 1/12) PLease explain!! 1/6[1/2(1-2n)+1/3]=n/3 Please explain!!!!!
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    help with algebra factoring?

    Hi, I've been out of school sick for a few days, and my math teacher just sent me this sheet on factoring and i'm so confused! It would be great if someone could show me HOW to get the answers! Thank you! Factor: 2x^4y-4x^3y^2+8x^2y and Solve by factoring: x^2+2x+4x+8=0