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    Econ pratice Question Help??!! please

    Hello All im stuck on this question below, i just do not know what formula to use to figure out the the IR for the increase. Table 24-6. The table below applies to an economy with only two goods &; hamburgers and hot dogs. The fixed basket consists of 4 hamburgers and 8 hot dogs. Year Price...
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    Self-Studying need more problems to pratice

    Hi guys I am self-studying calculus I am trying to find somewhere where their is a site with loads of question on limits,integration,derivatives,Volumes of Solid questions,rate problems,etc with answers explained, because I need to practice I am currently learning from and some...
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    anyone want some DE pratice?

    University won't give me mark schemes for past papers. Gits. x'' + 2x' + x = t with x(0) = x'(0) = 1. My answer is x = t^2(1-t) + t - 1 + e^-t(t+1) using variation of parameters. x'' + 2mx' + (w^2 + m^2)x = 0 with x(0) = 0, x'(0) = A. My answer x = A/w*e^mt*(sinwt) Much appreciated...
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    I need some pratice with equations and formulas.

    So, Im in a school where we do ALOT of electricity math, and it is basiclly focused on re-writing formulas, like U = I * R = I = U / R. That ofcourse is very basic, but im looking to get som pratice on that subject. Anyone here with ideas on where I can get me pratice?(Itwasntme)
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    Need Help With Calculus Pratice Test/ Study Guide ($)

    I am willing to pay someone to help me out with this pratice test/study guide please let me know if you are interested. I will pay you with paypal if you agree to help me out. I will attach the pdf file if you agree to help me out.
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    Few pratice problems that I'm having trouble with.

    A lighthouse is located 3km away from the nearest point P on a straight shoreline and its light makes four revolutions per minute. How fast is the beam of light moving along the shoreline when it is 1km from P? I don't get how to maximize in this equation. A circle of radius r, you carve out a...