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    Postage stamp problem: Weak versus Strong Induction

    I am instructed to prove that postage amounts greater than or equal to 54 can be taken care of using solely 7 and 10 cent stamps. The book asks me to use strong induction. My Basis is: 54 = 4*10 + 2*7 My inductive step is: (assume n = 10*j + 7*k for some n >= 54 and j,k are integers) n + 1...
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    Postage Stamp Problem - Maximum amount of stamps

    The postage stamp problem is a mathematical riddle that asks what is the smallest postage value which cannot be placed on an envelope, if the letter can hold only a limited number of stamps, and these may only have certain specified face values. For example, suppose the envelope can hold only...
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    Induction for postage stamps

    I've read a few articles but its not doing the trick. can you show step by step how a postage of 12 cents or more can be formed using 4 cents and 5 cents stamps
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    Sum of two postage stamps: Part One

    This is an academic question that is a little tricker than it appears to be. Joe has a big box of 5-cent and 6-cent postage stamps. He wants to determine the amounts of total postage he can create using ONLY 5-cent and 6-cent stamps and the amounts that he CANNOT create using only 5-cent and...
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    Postage Stamps Problem

    You have an unlimited supply of 5 cent stamps and 11 cent stamps. What is the greatest amount of exact postage you cannot make by using these stamps?