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    math of possibilities, help needed.

    Hi I need a math equation to get me all the possible order's I can make for certain numbers combination. For example : If I have these numbers "1234" it's have 24 possible order's. And if I have these numbers "1233" it's have 9 possible order's. And if I have these numbers "1122" it's have...
  2. S

    How many possibilities are there for dividing a string to substrings, of any length?

    Hi. I just can wrap my head around this. Let S be a string of length n: S=\sigma_1\sigma_2... \sigma_n how many possibilities are there for dividing it to substrings? for example: S_1=\sigma_1\sigma_2\hspace{12pt} S_2=\sigma_3...\sigma_i\hspace{12pt} S_3=\sigma_{i+1}...\sigma_n is one...
  3. T

    Coin Purchase Possibilities

    A puzzle problem involving coinageA shopkeeper and her customer each have an unlimited number of coins. However, they are of only two denominations – 3¢ and 5¢. 1. What amount purchases are not possible using only these two denominations of coinage, if the shopkeeper is allowed to give change...
  4. D

    Calculating the amount of possibilities

    Hi there, I need some help to resolve a problem... Let's say that I have 30 options spread in 3 blocks where a person need to choose 10 options according to these rules: The person can only choose 3 options in the last block The person can only choose 3 options in the second block There is...
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    possibilities story problems

    A campus coffee shop offers 15 types of hot beverages (coffee tea etc), 8 varieties of sandwich 12 types of cold beverage (soda energy drinks juice) and 11 different types of bagel. How many different meals could be purchased if you wanted either a hot beverage and a bagel , or cold a...
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    possibilities story problems

    n the world series, The American league Champion plays The National League Champion. How many world series match-ups are possible if there are 14 teams in the American league and 16 teams in the national league? A travel app will suggest 3 hotels and 5 restaurants at random for any city it...
  7. A

    Possibilities in a given set

    There are 3 men A,B and C. They have 4 sons in total. What are the total possibilities of the order of no. of sons they have. How do we find it. Plz help I am totally new to this topic.
  8. D

    Calculating Possibilities and Combinations

    Hi everyone, I have a situation which I need help calculating. I have 15 selections to choose from and each selection has a 50/50 ratio of being correct. I want to figure out how many combinations I can choose for each selection in order to cover all possibilities. On each of the 15...
  9. T

    Number of possibilities?

    A class of 20 is selecting a new president, with 5 candidates. How many different ways can the tally come out?
  10. S

    Maximizing over a continuum of possibilities

    Let x be a random variable with density function f and [a,b] be the possible set of values of x. Let w(x) be a value associated with each value of x. I.e. w() is not known, and suppose that U(w(x)) is a C^{\infty} function. Let H(w(x)) = \int_{a}^b f(x)U(w(x))dx Find the derivative of H...
  11. Z

    Permute number of on/off possibilities for a 6x6 buss matrix

    I'm an electroacoustic musician using a single microphone input into a laptop Logic Pro audio mixing environment with 6 auxiliary channels. Each auxiliary has unique fx/eq and I can send its audio to any of the other 5 auxiliary channels via their respective input busses: Auxiliary 1 -> Buss 2...
  12. Y

    Microeconomics help: Production Possibilities Frontier

    Might seem quite simple, so don't judge lol (a) Draw country A’s Production Possibilities Frontier (PPF) by using Excel (position food on the horizontal axle). (b) What is happening to the opportunity cost of food in terms of clothing when the production of food is increasing? (c) If the...
  13. M

    How many different possibilities?

    A professor writes 40 discreate mathematics true/false questions. of the statements in these questions, 17 are true. If the questions can be positioned in any order, how many different answer keys are possible.
  14. ihmth


    Imagine a city grid that is like a rectangular coordinate system. You are currently at (0,0) and you want to get to corner (3,4). If a path consists of a series of eastward and northward moves, how many shortest paths are possible assuming that all streets and avenues are of the same length...
  15. B

    theoretical possibilities

    I had to use a tree diagram to work out all the possible outcomes (arrangements of boys and girls) in a family of 4 children. I worked out that there are 14 possibilities. From here I am stuck, I have to calculate the theoretical possibility of obtaining 2 girls and 2 boys as a fraction, decimal...
  16. R

    finding possibilities when guessing answers

    Multiple choice questions each have 5 possible answers, one is correct. Assume that you guess the answers to 3 such questions. Using multiplication rule to find the probability that the first 2 guesses are wrong and the 3rd is correct. Find, P(WWC), where C is correct and W is wrong...
  17. M

    How Many Possibilities?

    Suppose five cards are drawn from a standard (52 card) deck of cards. From the 5 cards chosen, 3 are red and 2 are black. How many possibilities are there for this hand?
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    Possibilities? (I don't remember the exact word)

    Hi! First time poster. So I'm doing some homework, due in six hours. I'm almost done, but there's a couple of questions I'm not too sure of: one has to do with possibilities, the other not so much. 1. The easier one: What is the coefficient of X^11 in (3 + X)^15? I'm guessing it's 15!/11!4! =...
  19. R

    number of possibilities

    How many three-digit numbers can be made if the first digit can be 1,2,3 or 4, the second digit can be, 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 and the third digit can be 0,1 or 2?. Really got me stumped?? Please help
  20. F

    number of possibilities

    how many 4 digit numbers can you form with (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) ? (No repeated numbers) The answer is 840 (7P4) BUT How many of these are odd numbers? I know that there are 4 odd numbers...