1. R

    If (a,b) is a point on the terminal side of angle t in standard position, then cos(t)

    How do I know what it is supposed to be? Please explain. Thank you!
  2. M

    How to establish the position of sides in a triangle when finding the tangent

    The answer given is 5/12. But how did they decide that instead of 13/12? Because the answer cannot be greater than one?
  3. Jason76

    Vector Position, Acceleration, and Velocity

    Find v(t) and r(t). Given a(t) = 7i + 8j v(0) = k r(0) = i v(t) = \int a(t) = \int 7i + 8j (dt) = 7ti + 8tj + k - makes sense. r(t) = \int v(t) = \int 7ti + 8tj + tk (dt) = (\dfrac{7t^{2}}{2} + 1)i + 4t^{2}j + tk ?? How did the + 1 come about?
  4. Jason76

    Velocity and Position

  5. F

    convert angle to position -geometrci algebra-??

    Hi, i am animate manually caracter bone where i drag the end effector bone ("hand") by the mouse and i calculate automaticaly using inverse kinematic method the other joint orientation. the issue that i use a speacial inverse kinematic called FABRIK FABRIK: A fast, iterative solver for the...
  6. D

    The position of an object in linear motion at time t is s(t)=0.4t^2+(t+1)^-1

    How do I start it do I find the derivative?
  7. oldguynewstudent

    Find matrix elements and expansion for operator in position representation

    In 1-D let TL be an operator defined on the position eigenstates |x> such that TL|x>=|x+L>. Find the matrix elements TL(x,x')=<x'|TL|x> and construct an explicit expansion for this operator in the position representation. Show that “in the position representation” <x|T_L|\psi >= \psi (x-L)...
  8. D

    even number occupy odd position

    given the digits 1,2,3,4,5 , you are required to form 5 digits numbers. If the digits may be used repeatedly , find the number of numbers formed in such a way that the even digits only occupy the odd positions? the ans is 72... How to do this .
  9. P

    Scale position of points in a circle so it looks like a regular scaling?

    I have an Art degree, no math involved, so sometimes when doing 3D graphics and envisioning problems, it's hard to search for solutions over the internet since I don't have good pointers for search terms. I'm sure this is a trivial problem with a proper name/solution. Basically I just want to...
  10. R

    Determining speeding up/slowing down from a position graph

    I am having trouble figuring out where the particle whose position function is given is speeding up or slowing down. So I believe that it is speeding up (in the negative direction) from 2-3, and slowing down from 3-4. But I am not confident that that is right. I am even less sure about the...
  11. G

    Simple method, finding position vector

    Line L is 3i-5j+5k + t(2i+j-k) Point A has position vector i+2j+2k Point B is on the line L at 5i-4j+4k The line through A and B is perpendicular to L. Points C and D are on line L and 4*sqrt(5) units from A. Find the position vectors for C,D and the area of triangles ABC, ABD I got the...
  12. C

    Position of particle when it changes direction?

    I have these two identical question with different answer options: I picked the one I thought was right for T, and it turned out being in both question options. Is this right or am I dumbing it down too much? I think it might be too lucky that they both happen to be in the options, maybe I'm...
  13. Greymalkin

    (Practical)Calculating the time of day with angles relative to the position of thesun

    Hey guys, I havent posted in some time and have recently taken a lot of my spare time to enjoy the great outdoors. My inquisitive nature has lead me to try to figure out a way to tell time using only a cammenga military compass, for those of you who dont know what it is it allows you to see...
  14. N

    Find the position function

    can someone please help me in how to go about solving this problem? problem: A particle moves in a straight line and has acceleration 6cm/second square.Its initial speed is -2cm/second. Its initial position is given by f(0) = 9cm. Find the position function f(x), where the input means the time...
  15. M

    Position Vector

    The position vector of a body, at time t, relative to an origin is given by the vector: Find its x,y,z co-ordinates when t = 1.1 For this i assumed 8sin(4t) represented the x co-ordinate and so on for the y and z. But simply subbing in 1.1 doesnt work Thanks
  16. S

    method of false position (Regula Falsi)

    On what geometrical construction is the method of false position (Regula Falsi) based?
  17. B

    Diff of Quaternion Exponent wrt. Position...

    Heydi ho everyone, I was doing some differentiation of quaternions, and am trying to find the differentiation of a position wrt change in quaternion exponential. That is, if I have a quaternion, I can translate a point using: pos = q t q* where t = q(0,x,y,z) simple, yes? If I have...
  18. A

    Equations for path and position of a Towed Object

    I think this is a problem requiring calculus, but there may be a geometric solution. My skills in these areas are now too rusty. Suppose you have a vessel (e.g. tug boat) travelling along the x-axis towing an object with a tow rope of length R. Lets set the tug at the origin and the object at...
  19. E

    Updating position distribution using velocity distribution---convolution problem (?)

    Hi: Say I have a normalized distribution function that defines the likelihood of an object having some (x,y) position at time t. That is p(x,y,t) is the probability that the object is located at (x,y) at time t. I also have a normalized distribution function that defines the likelihood of...
  20. J

    Estimate the final position using the given velocity function and initial position.

    Estimate the final position using the given velocity function and initial position. v(t) = 30e-t/4 , s(0) = -1, b = 4 I have been looking in my book and it is of no help really. Only two examples in their and not even really close to explaining what I am supposed to do. Any help is...