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    Samplind Distribution

    Hello everyone, I'm not a native english speaking girl and i need your help because i dont understand this exercice at all: Please help me, at least let me understand better the question. Thank you in advance. (Bow)(Bow)
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    Individual vs Population measurements

    Within the game of League of Legends we can measure the history of match wins & losses and examine the distribution and length of winning streaks. From the perspective of an individual player, an accumulated score climbs and falls according to their performance, which looks like so: I've done...
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    What is the probability that the sample mean will be within 1 hour of the population

    The mean television viewing time for Americans is 15 hours per week (Money, November 2003). Suppose a sample of 60 Americans is taken to further investigate viewing habits. Assume the population standard deviation for weekly viewing time is σ = 4 hours. a. What is the probability that...
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    Population amount to be normally distributed

    Dear everyone Greetings. I need help with question b, theory explanation will suffice: John wants to investigate the actual weight of carbonated soft drinks sold in the mart contained in 1.5-litre bottles purchased from a nationally knownmanufacturer. A random sample of 40 bottles is...
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    How to calculate rate of future population decline with loss and gain parameters?

    I need help figuring out what I think is an algebra problem, but I don't know how to set it up. I have a population starting at 1.6 billion. The annual growth rate is 2%. The annual mortality rate is 0.6%. The problem is this: In addition to the above parameters, there is a constant loss...
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    Confused with population mean.

    Hello, I have a problem that I do not understand very well. I was wondering if someone could explain to me what I am supposed to be doing. Here is the question and my attempts at answers. Thanks! A set of scales produces measurements of a given object that are distributed as independent...
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    Sample vs Population mean probabilities

    normally distributed population mean = 8800 pop std dev = 60 sample n=25 part 1 asked for the probability of the sample mean being larger than 8836. I used the excel function norm.dist(8836,8800,12,true) = .997249 I subtracted from one since this is a cumulative function = .001349 I'm fairly...
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    Population with Harvesting ODE so hard

    this kind of question has probably always have been the most difficult part of ODE never got used to it HOW IN THE WORLD AM I SUPPOSED TO SOLVE THIS THERE IS JUST NO WAY!!!!!! still they have an answer for it!!!!!!!!!
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    ODE on population growth

    i have this equation and asked to find and the answer for i) is 0 ii) is 2 im a bit confused with the answer of ii) this is the phase plot of the given ODE when y(0) = 3 dy/dt is a negative value meaning decreasing value of population which means the population will go to zero?? but...
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    population model question ODE

    for question b) i) i drew a phase plot that is a downward curve with values of w = 1, 2, 3 ... and so on. it looks something like this have i gotten it right?? and for ii) i am supposed to draw it on a separate graph w vs t from my university book i think it should look something like...
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    help on ode quesion on population model

    for a) i get dw/dt = 0 when w = k(1-p/r) is this right?? am i supposed to use this answer to do b) and c)??
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    Population Modelling

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with questions (1) and (2) here. Would be greatly appreciated! Imgur Thanks
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    A sample of 144 was taken from a population with a standard deviation of 36 inches.

    A sample of 144 was taken from a population with a standard deviation of 36 inches. In this case, the sample mean will be within how many inches of the population mean 99.7% of the time? A. 9 B. 6 C. 3 D. 12
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    Suppose that many large samples were taken from population A, which is normally...

    Suppose that many large samples were taken from population A, which is normally distributed, and population c, which is not normally distributed. The means of samples of which of the following populations would approximate a normal distribution? I think the answer is A. Population A I just...
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    Population Model-nonlinear logistic first-order ordinary differential equation

    I have to find the explicit solution to this harvesting problem in a population model where dN/dt=rN(1-N/K)-H(N) such that H=qEN, subject to initial condition N(0)=N_0. Here N=N(t) and r,K,q, and E are positive constants. I also have to deduce the two limiting behaviors as t approaches infinity...
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    Solving for population mean

    My stat. book does not tell me how to solve this problem. I am being asked to solve for the population mean. I am given the population standard deviation of 8. I am also given some z charts, and that P(X>144) = .04. How do I solve for the population mean, given this information? I also need to...
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    Two Species Population Model by ODE

    Investigate the populations of two species (the two dominating species and the other species can be ignored) in an area. The two species have the relationship of predator-prey, competition or cooperation. Report of your investigation must include: Problem description: the setting of the story...
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    Find the slope of a curved line showing population growth

    There is an example in the online calculus course I'm taking that shows a graph which shows y=population and x=number of years. In the example it shows a point which represents the population at that time. So at point "A" the year was 1985 and the population was 3600. Then is says the slope of...
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    finding variance if sample variance = population variance

    i have two method of doing the question... the two answer different a bit. Which is correct?
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    Calculating Z Score Without Population?

    Here is my problem: I know that one variable, x1 has an estimated coefficient of 3 and a standard error of 0.9. I have to write out the equation for and then solve to find out whether or not to reject the null hypothesis that the coefficient is 0 and then calculate the value of the test...