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    Need help understanding the mathematics mentioned in a popular science book

    The text is this, quoted: "Well, you know how you can figure the distance between two points by measuring the distance along two parallel axes, right? If an object is three steps east of you and four steps north, then it's five steps away in a direction 37 degrees east of north. That total...
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    Popular high dimensional geometry

    Recently, I was watching a book called "popular high dimensional geometry", feel good and to share with everyone, everyone if there are other books of higher algebra, share the happiness together! If you have any questions please contact [email protected] Thank you
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    The all popular minimization problem

    A rectangle has area 4 sq. cm. A straight line is to be drawn from one corner of the rectangle to the midpoint of one of the two more distant sides. What is the minimum possible length of such a line? How does one calculate this? I've tried doing it several ways and still can't seem to get...